Hungarian Supernova - UK Pentangle Version

This is the UK version of the Hungarian Supernovas produced in the 1980's and distributed in a plastic tube by Pentangle. Both this UK version and the Hungarian version, which was distributed in a cylindrical case with black base as shown in Georges Helm's gallery, are easily recognizable by their bright orange stickers as shown here.

The color scheme of the Hungarian and UK versions is: Gold opposite silver, blue opposite green, brown opposite black, red opposite tan, light orange opposite bright orange, white opposite yellow. With the gold side facing you, the surrounding colors going clock-wise are: Blue, brown, red, light orange, white.

For a long time I thought all the supernovas produced in the 1980's had bright orange stickers, but the French version distibuted as "Le Diamant" has a diferent coulour scheeme with dark green and gray stickers instead of bright orange and tan colours. See my page about the French version for further details.
The ball-shaped core of these black Hungarian Supernovas are grey, and each corner and edge piece is comprised of two interlocking halves, as opposed to the earlier producted versions whith mould marks running across the pieces.

Here is a group picture of my supernovas:

Front row, left to right: White supernova, French version (?), new reproduction from 2009
Back row: Pentangle UK version in plastic tube, French version (Le Diamant) in plastic case.

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