White Hungarian Supernova

This white supernova is a 6 coloured version with painted colours instead of stickers. The paint has a nice glossy look, and the colours are blue, green, red, orange, yellow and black. There are also visible mould marks running across the pieces. This leads me to believe that the supernova is from an early production, since David Singmaster has a note (in his list "Singmaster Cube and Puzzle Collection", page 21) about the mould marks being removed on later productions. There are apparently also other versions of the white supernova. A stickered version can be seen in Georges Helm's wish list, and a version distributed in a plastic case by Pentangle can be seen in James Dalgety's Puzzle Museum (scroll down to the third picture). It would be interesting to know how many different versions of the white supernova that were produced, and whether there was also a 6 coloured, painted version in black.
Here is a picture of the internals of my white Supernova in comparison to a regular black one:

The mechanisms are the same, but the white ball-shaped core on the white version is completely smooth as opposed to the gray core of the black version. Also, each corner and edge piece of the white version is not comprised of two interlocking halves as on the black version. There are also some minor differences in the dimensions of the feet, but this is is hard to see from the pictures:

Here is a group picture of my white supernova and some of its black cousins:

Front row, left to right: White supernova, French version (?), new reproduction from 2009
Back row: Pentangle UK version in plastic tube, French version (Le Diamant) in plastic case.

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