Klara's Puzzles For Trade

Here I have listed some puzzles that are available for trade. Please visit my wish list to see which puzzles I am looking for.

Rare puzzles for special trades only

These are puzzles that I would only be tempted to trade for some of the most wanted puzzles on my wish list.

Smart Alex in original package Starpuzzler in
      original package Spaceship cube from Ukraine Rare Hungarian Supernova
      with French colour scheme Star prism with rainbow colour scheme

Rare and semi-rare puzzles for trade

These are puzzles that I am looking to trade for puzzles on my wish list.

Rubik's maze (pretty worn colours) Octahedron from the 1980's with one missing corner Thomas ball (solid colours) Cuboctahedron Pillow cube
Pyramorphix keychain sealed in package Missing link keychain sealed in package Crazy comet sealed in package Entrax star (only one part) Domino (groove mechanism
Impossiball by Milton Bradley, sealed in
    container Skewbball keychain Dogic tiles

Other puzzles for trade

These are some dupicates which are available for trade.

Varikon tower (5 layers) Octagonal barrel Mickey mouse 2x2x2 puzzle head Shinsei mystery Rubiks magics jigsaw
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