Klara's Wanted Puzzles

Here I have listed some puzzles which I would like to include in my collection. If you have any of them for trade, please contact me with an offer. The puzzles I have available for exchange are listed on my trade page.

Top 10: Most Wanted Custom Built Puzzles

Circoradiolarian Master Brilic Icosamate Pyracosaminx Diamond triacontahedron
Master octahedron Fadicube Dino octaeder Duominx Jürgen Bandt ball

Top 10: Most Wanted Factory Made Puzzles

PG CO octahedron in plastic container White supernova
      in Pentangle plastic case Factory made truncated Trajber's octahedron from the
      1980's Diamant
      in box White Smart Alex
Factory made Trajber's octahedron from the 1980's Hungarian supernova in box Blind
    man's domino in box Astrolabacus
      with box Yoshimoto cube No. 3 in gold/silver

Wanted Custom Built Puzzles

Radiolarian Rex cube Master Skewb Lattice cube/Master dino LatticeX cube
SuperX 2x2x2 circle cube Praxis cube Hexaminx Redi cube
Starminx Dinododecahedron Dinoicosahedron Dinooctahedron Dinotetrahedron

Wanted Factory Made Puzzles

Logivip in
    box Mozaika Trickhaus
      with box Stern with
      box Roundy
Wisdom ball type
    2 Massage ball/Otto Wu Tiger head in
    box Hamster head in
    box Donald Duck puzzle head
Olympic rings with box Colombus egg
      with box Rota naef with
      box Polish octahedron Star puzzler in
Rubik's deluxe in container Rubik's mini sealed Rubik's pocket cube sealed 3x3x3 truncated corners in box 3x3x3 ball in PG CO case
Cuboctahedron sealed in box Tomy
    megaminx in box Popeye cube in container Rubik's
     mate in box 3x3x3 ball in box
Dogic 20 colors
      with box Rubik's
      rabbits with box Keychain skewb 3x3x3 truncated corners keychain Keychain 3x3x3 ball
Diamond cube with box Rainbow cube in box Spectra with
      box Flowered
    pyraminx keychain in package
      with box Meffert's 6 color megaminx in package
     mate in box

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