Knut Fægri

Dr. Philos, Professor of theoretical chemistry.

I was born in Bergen (in 1946), where I grew up and attended the University of Bergen. After obtaining a cand. real. degree (roughly equivalent to a Master of Science), I worked for some years at the University of Bergen, before spending 1 1/2 year at the University of Virginia as a post-doc. Towards the end of this period, I obtained a position as lecturer (universitetslektor) at the University of Oslo, where I started work in 1978. Since then I have been one of the two theoretical chemists in permanent scientific position here, until 1986 together with Jan Almlof, since 1989 with Trygve Helgaker. I was promoted to professor in 1988.

Picture of me I spent the 1989/90 academic year on sabattical at NASA Ames California. Shortly after my return, I was appointed Chairman of the Chemistry Department, a position I had for 5 years. Following this, I served as prorector of the university for 3 years (1996 -- 98). I am currently pursuing my interests in quantum chemistry of heavy elements, and I am engaged in development and application of methods for 4-component calculations.

I have over the years accumulated some administrative experience, and have served in various capacities on different committees and boards. The most notable of these is perhaps the National Program for High Performance Computing, where I was program chairman for the period 1995 -- 98. I have also participated in several evaluation panels, both administrative and scientific.

For more details of my professional life, see my CV as well as my list of publications.

Private interests: Sailing. The preparation and consumption of excellent food. I am also heavily into do-it-yourself maintenance, partly due to having accumulated too much property, and partly because of the level of Norwegian academic salaries.

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