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University of Oslo
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Institute of Health Management and Health Economics

Knut Reidar Wangen, Associate professor (economics)

Research fields

  • Addiction
  • Corporate taxation
  • Household consumption behavior
  • Health economics
  • Microeconometrics


Professional experience

Publications in English:

  • Bolkesjø TF, Solberg B, Wangen KR (2007): "Heterogeneity in nonindustrial private roundwood supply: Lessons from a large panel of forest owners." Journal of Forest Economics, 13:7-28. JFE.
  • Wangen KR, Biørn E (2006): "How do consumers switch between close substitutes when price variation is small? The case of cigarette types." Spanish Economic Review, 8:239-253. SER
  • Biørn E, Skjerpen T, Wangen KR (2006): "Can random coefficient Cobb-Douglas production functions be aggregated to similar macro functions?" in Baltagi BH "Panel data Econometrics":229-258, Elsevier, Amsterdam. Elsevier

Publications in Norwegian:

  • Røed Larsen E, Wangen KR (2004): "Kunstig skille mellom god og dårlig deflasjon?" Økonomisk forum, 58, 3:4-5.ØF
  • Wangen KR (2003): "En konsuments kvaler ved vanedannelse og nåtidsskjevhet." Økonomisk forum, 57, 4:30-33.ØF
  • Wangen KR (2003): "Røyke eller ikke røyke - sigaretter eller rullings?" Økonomiske analyser, 3:25-30.ØA

Unpublished work:

  • Wangen, KR (2005): An expenditure estimation of Britain's black economy revisited. Discussion papers, 414, Statistics  Norway, Oslo.SSB
  • Wangen, KR (2004): Some fundamental problems in  Becker, Grossman and Murphy's implementation of rational addiction theory. Discussion papers, 375, Statistics Norway, Oslo. SSB
  • Wangen, KR (2004): "How extensive is the self-employeds' tax evasion?" Rapport 71, Economic research programme on taxation, The Research Council of Norway, Oslo.NFR 
  • Wangen KR, Biørn E (2001): Individual heterogeneity and price responses in tobacco consumption: a two-commodity analysis of unbalanced panel data. Discussion papers, 294, Statistics Norway, Oslo. SSB


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