About Me

I am currently working as a Researcher at the University of Oslo in Norway. I am involved in two research projects that deals with climate change impacts on the freshwater systems, in particular Scandinavian lakes.

I completed my PhD at the same university, and my thesis was about the eutrophication status of a lake called Vansjø, southeastern Norway. My research then was on the lake's mechanisms of the seasonal and annual nutrient (phosphorus) balances. Eventually, these mechanisms are coded into a computer simulation model. This model is used for calculating the future improvement in response to some of the abatement measures on anthropogenic activities that may be suggested in the area in the coming years.

See more about the project EUTROPIA here, the Department of Biology, and the Integrative Biology group (link to my page at the IB webpage).

Before coming to Norway I spent 6 years in Canada to obtain my undergraduate degree in environmental and resource sciences (2003-2007) and an MSc degree in watershed ecosystems sciences (now known as ELS) (2007-2009), both at Trent University. While I was at Trent I got training in chemical laboratory work, map production and satellite image processing, soil and surface water collection and analyses, scripting programming with Python and R, cross OS model evaluation, and handling and designing of large data sets using a high performance computing server, in addition to publishing and presenting works in the academic community.

My BSc thesis was on Ontario's forest health (cooperation with Ontario Ministry of the Environment), and MSc was on evaluating multiple acidification models using a long-term data set from the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, USA. Both my theses were completed while belonging to the Ecosystems Research Group. My old website at Trent has been moved here, and you can find some R teaching materials that I created and used before.

Before going to Canada right after my high school, I had been in Japan almost my whole life, but it seems that now I have been to so many countries in relation to work (Canada, USA, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Finland), and also as a traveller/tourist (Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, and many European countries). I learned to use English, and met people from all around the world, not just those countries that I visited or lived.

Contact Details

Koji Tominaga
CEES, Dept. Biosciences, Univ. Oslo
P.O. Box 1066 Blindern
0316 Oslo, Norway

+47 22 85 44 00
koji.tominaga at ibv.uio.no