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Kristian Gregorius Hustad

Jun 30, 2017


About me

I recently completed my Bachelor of Science degree (in computer science and mathematics) at the University of Oslo (abbr. UiO).

Currently, I work at the Centre for Computing in Science Education (CCSE) at UiO. My work there mostly concerns the development of DocOnce, a program which enables authors to write a single document which may contain both LaTeX formulae and code, which can be translated to various formats for publication online or on paper.

My scientific interests include parallel programming, optimization and compilers.

Completed courses


Spring 2017:
Head Teaching Assistant, INF1010
Summer 2016 – Winter 2016/2017:
Developed course materials for INF1010
Autumn 2016:
Teaching Assistant, INF1100
Spring 2016:
Teaching Assistant, INF1010

Open-source development

I have contributed to the development of DocOnce.

See my GitHub profile (linked below) for a more detailed and updated overview of my contributions.

Profiles elsewhere

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