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Kristian Gregorius Hustad

Jun 6, 2018


About me

I am writing my master's thesis in High Performance Computing at the Department of Informatics & Simula Research Laboratory.

Currently, I work at the Centre for Computing in Science Education (CCSE) at UiO. My work there mostly concerns the development of DocOnce, a program which enables authors to write a single document which may contain both LaTeX formulae and code, which can be translated to various formats for publication online or on paper. Additionally, I am aiding adoption of JupyterHub at UiO.

My scientific interests include parallel programming, optimization and compilers.

Completed courses


Spring 2017:
Head Teaching Assistant, INF1010
Summer 2016 – Winter 2016/2017:
Developed course materials for INF1010
Autumn 2016:
Teaching Assistant, INF1100
Spring 2016:
Teaching Assistant, INF1010

Open-source development

See my GitHub profile (linked below) for a more detailed and updated overview of my contributions.

Profiles elsewhere

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