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Monitoring progress towards sustainable development

Through the work on the National Strategy for Sustainable Development, a set of indicators has been developed to monitor developments in relation to key objectives and activities in the Strategy. The indicator report "Key indicators 2003" was presented in November 2003. The latest version of the report, Key indicators 2004, was presented in April 2005.

The indicators will be a basis for reporting on progress towards sustainable development. In connection with the Strategy, a set of indicators have been developed that can follow developments in relation to key objectives and activities in the Strategy for Sustainable Development.

The set of indicators comprises a small number of overall key indicators for each of the targets of the Strategy. The indicators focus on developments and results in relation to the Strategy objectives for sustainable development. The indicators will be continuously developed in the light of international work on indicators for sustainable development, and will be presented every year on a special website for sustainable development.

Against the background of reports on the results achieved in implementing the Strategy, the Government will take steps to assess and adjust the National Strategy for Sustainable Development. The strategy will be adjusted on a regular basis, and the need for new targets will be assessed.

The Danish indicators consist of two groups:

  • An overall set of Key Indicators which describe developments and results in relation to the Strategy's eight overall objectives and principles. This set comprises 14 indicators.
  • A detailed, specific set of indicators which address individual action areas, describing developments and results in relation to some of the Strategy's targets and activities. This set comprises 90 indicators.

Read more about the indicators on the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's website. Also, see the Danish Government's indicator report (2002).

Denmark has also published a State of the Environment Report every four years since 1993. The most recent is the 2005 report, which was published in september 2005 and is the fourth in the series.

The reports are issued by The National environmental research institute (NERI, in Danish "Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser"), which is an institute within the Ministry of Environment. NERI's tasks include research, monitoring and scientific consultancy in the nature and environment areas.

The main future challenges identified by the NERI in this latest report are climate change, continuing pressure on surface water quality and natural habitats, public health, and consumption of resources.

NERI is also responsible for Denmark's official reports on greenhouse gas emissions under the UN Convention on Climate Change. Read the latest report here.

More updated statistics on energy and the environment are available from the Statistics Denmark website.

[Last updated: 31.08.2007]