Lars Kristiansen

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A New Book is Available

Leary, C. and Kristiansen, L.: A Friendly Introduction to Mathematical Logic.

The book is available from a number of internet bookstores.

Recent Events in Oslo

Proof, Computation, Complexity 2015

Symposium on the occasion of the retirements of Herman Ruge Jervell and Dag Normann


INF5840 - spring term 2016 (Computability Theory)

INF2080 - spring term 2016 (Logic and Computations)

MAT-INF3600 - autumn term 2015 (Mathematical Logic)


  • Andreas R. Askeland (MSc Computer Science 2015).
  • Bedeho Mender (MSc Computer Science 2009).
  • Mathias Barra (MSc Mathematics 2004, PhD Mathematics 2010).
    Barra's PhD thesis on small subrecursive classes is available here. The thesis also contains some stuff on ordinals and a problem of Skolem's.
  • Miscellaneous

    My Erdös number is less or equal to 3. (Check the details.)

    My coauthors: Stål Aanderaa, James Avery, Amir Ben-Amram, Mathias Barra, Mark Burgess, Neil Jones, Christopher Leary, Robert (Bob) Lubarsky, Bedeho M.W. Mender, Jean-Yves Moyen, Karl-Heinz Niggl, Hans Kristian Ruud, Jan-Christoph Schlage-Puchta, Paul Voda, Andreas Weiermann.