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Christian-Muslim Relations
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in English:
> Interreligious Studies. A Relational Approach to Religious Activism and the Study of Religion (2014).
> Images of Jesus Christ in Islam (2010, cf. 1999)
Human Conscience and Muslim-Christian relations (2006)
> Knowing by Oneself, Knowing with the Other (2002)
> Co-edited: Teaching for Tolerance in Muslim Majority Societies (2007)
Co-edited: The Power of Faiths in Global Politics (2004

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på norsk:
> Islam og kristendom: konflikt og dialog (andre utgåve 2014) < på dansk 2010 < første utgåve på norsk 2006.
Religionspluralisme. Mangfald, konflikt og dialog i Norge (andre utgåve 2010)
> Islamsk etikk – ei idéhistorie (2002)
> Andre: Verdier (medred. 2008) Religionsdialog på norsk (2001), Abrahams barn (2000), Møte med islam (1990)

> Kristendom, teologi, kyrkje (preiker, foredrag o.a.)

The Oslo Coalition
on Freedom of Religion or Belief
> ISLAM I NORGE (oversikt, artiklar)
> Islam, Koranen, islamsk etikk (lenker, artiklar, forelesingar)
> Islamstudiar og imamutdanning
og kristne:

> INTERRELIGIØSE NYHEITER (mest om muslimar, kristne og humanetikarar)
> Kristen-muslimsk dialog (rapportar, foredrag o.a.)

> Kontaktgruppa for Den norske kyrkja/Islamsk Råd

– religion, ethics and dialogue
Dialog og kritisk samtale:
> Religionsdialog i Norge (artiklar, lenker)
> Religion og dialog i skulen  (artiklar, lenker)
> Religion, vald, fred (diverse stoff)

Religionskritikk (diverse stoff)

About myself, and my context

I am a Professor in Interreligious Studies at the Faculty of Theology (Det teologiske fakultet), University of Oslo. My fields of research and teaching are Islam, Christian-Muslim Dialogue, Inter-Religious Dialogue in general, Religion and Society, and Systematic Theology.

After graduating from the Norwegian School of Theology (Det teologiske Menighetsfakultet) in 1979, I was ordained as a minister in the Lutheran Church of Norway. During my studies, I lived for some years in the village of Aust-Torpa, at the Student Christian Movement's conference centre Haugtun. My first job was as General Secretary of the Student Christian Movement in Norway. I then served for ten years as a parish minister in Paulus kirke (St. Paul's church), which is located in the multicultural city district of Grünerløkka, Oslo. After that, and until 1996, I was the director of the Emmaus centre for dialogue and spirituality
, Oslo. Since the 1980s, I have been involved in inter-religious dialogue in different contexts, with a particular focus on Christian-Muslim dialogue. I am a founding member of the national Contact Group between the Church of Norway and the Islamic Council of Norway (from 1993).