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Bush addressing – who? * Sleepy dialogue * Coming – here now?

The nationality of Jesus * Shit happens * Communication problems * Heaven and hell

Bush addressing – who?

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Sleepy dialogue

Buddhist monks firm asleep
during a United Nations'
summit for religious leaders,
New York, August 2000.

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Coming – here now?


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The nationality of Jesus

Seen this discussion before – about the exact nationality of Jesus?

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Shit happens
– in world religions

"Shit happens" is almost a classic in interreligious comics. A search for "shit happens" on the web reveals more or less benign/enlightened versions. See short and long version.

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Communication problems

* You bitch! You have dishonoured me.
I shall behead you at dawn!

* Oh Lord, save my life ...

* Look, they are digging up that street again!
They asphalthed it last week!!

* If you say so ...

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Heaven and hell ...

Two dear young friends – one Christian, the other a Muslim – were so distressed when discovering that according to their respective religions (as interpreted locally ...), the other would go to hell.

The Muslim said: "According to my imam, you'll go to hell!" The Christian replied: "According to my priest, you will also go to hell. So after all, we'll be in the same place!"

The Muslim was not convinced: "But he says that I'll be in heaven." Having thought of it for a moment, the Christian replied: "My priest says the same – I'll be in heaven too. So it looks as if we'll be in the same place anyway!"

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