What you do today is important - you are exchanging one day of your life for it.

Things I like (me gustan)


To learn!
To write on a keyboard
[comic] xkcd
[music] Ani DiFranco
[music] Major Parkinson
[music] Damien Rice
[music] Eels
[sign language] tegnviser
[cheezy cat humor]
[cute, nerdy math song]
[robot humor] (watch this one first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qly9EMgcCDE) BigDogBeta

Pages/blogs, nice people

Nicolaas Groeneboom [Leuat]
Hanne-Torill Mevik [htm]
Kosovare Olluri [kay]
Tuva Roaldsdatter Hope [vut]
Ingvar Andersen [Ingvarsch]
Erlend Sand Bruer (musical inspiration)
Arvid Skaugen
Mateusz Røstad
Øystein Rudjord
Karl Liljas [svenskefaan]
Mathilde Becker Aarseth
Ina Marie Ausland
Henriette Carstensen
Espen Pettersen
Eirik Berntsen
Nina Kraus
Eirik Smestad Indrevær
Bente Smestad Indrevær
Geir Smestad
Monica Moen
Simon Kvernmo Mailand