Health commodity ordering and reporting for DHIS2

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  • The project

    The application is developed to support entry and approval of health commodity orders and reports from all levels of the public health system in Uganda. It is built on top of DHIS2. Go to application overview, or watch the video to the right to get an introduction to the application.

    By designing this with a basis in the users and their use-context, the goal is to increase;

    The 3/4 step user-centered design model illustrated

    A user-centered design prosess

    The user interface of the prototype has been designed through an iterative user-centred approach. Facilities from all levels of the public health commodity supply chain in Uganda have been visited to establish requirements, and for several iterations of prototype evaluation.


    The application is being developed as a part of the HISP project

    If you have any questions or are working on similar DHIS2-based projects for commodity ordering in Uganda or other countries, please send me an email on magl [at]