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Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo



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Centre for Scalable Data Access in the Oil and Gas Domain. Norwegian Centre for Research-driven Innovation. (2015–2023).

Reasonable Ontology Templates


Reasonable Ontology Templates (OTTR). Innovation project. (2017 –). Reasonable Ontology Templates (OTTR) is a language with supporting tools for representing and instantiating RDF graph and OWL ontology modelling patterns. It is designed to improve the efficiency and quality of building, using, and maintaining knowledge bases.

Optique - Scalable end-user access to big data


FP7 EU project. (2012–2016).

Tools and Resources


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Tool-support for Reasonable Ontology Template (OTTR).

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  • Cite as: Martin G. Skjæveland, Daniel P. Lupp, Leif Harald Karlsen, Henrik Forssell. Practical Ontology Pattern Instantiation, Discovery, and Maintanence with Reasonable Ontology Templates. Accepted for ISWC 2018 research track.


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RDFVizler is a simple RDF visualisation software built with the Apache Jena Java API and Graphviz visualisation software. It requires Java 8 and Graphviz to be installed on the system. RDFVizler visualises RDF graphs by parsing a designated RDFVizler OWL vocabulary into Graphviz's DOT language and then straight-forwardly to images using the Graphviz software. The RDFVizler vocabulary acts as a mere "RDF wrapper language" for the DOT language, all graph, edge and node attributes are taken directly from DOT.

Slegge OBDA resource

Slegge schema

OBDA specification over the Slegge database.

NPD FactPages as Semantic Web Data

NCS map

OBDA specification of the NPD Factpages.


NCS map

Sgvizler is a JavaScript library which renders the result of SPARQL SELECT queries into charts or HTML elements.

Boundz and Mapper Dan

Bounds lattice

Validate RDF transformations for conservativity.

Supervision and available topics

Available Master topics

Several topics on Reasonable Ontology Templates.


MSc: Bård Christer Johnsen
Relations for structuring reasonable ontology templates.
MSc: Mathias Johan Poyti Stang
The best of two worlds: using the ORM methodology for engineering ontology with ontology templates. Co-supervised with Arild Waaler.
PhD: Erik Bryhn Myklebust
Ontology development and metadata management at NIVA with knowledge graph embeddings. Co-supervised with Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz and Martin Giese.


MSc: Henrik Wingerei
Distribusjon og integrasjon av folkeregisterdata med semantisk teknologi. Lang masteroppgave, 2012. Co-supervised with Arild Waaler.
MSc: Charlotte Løvdahl
A comparison of information modeling in ORM and OWL. Master's Thesis, 2011. Co-supervised with Ellen Munthe-Kaas.


INF3580 - Semantic technologies
V2010, V2011, V2012, V2013, V2014
INF5170 - Master seminar in logic
H2010, V2011, H2011, V2012


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