Martin Reimers

Position:Professor at IfI / CMA
University of Oslo
Office:1028, Mathematics building
Phone:+47 22856032
E-mail: martinre [snabel-a]
Address:    CMA, University of Oslo
P. O. Box 1053 Blindern
0316 Oslo

Research interests

Recent Publications (full list)

  C. Dyken, M. Reimers and J. Seland,
"Semi-uniform Adaptive Patch Tessellation",
To appear in Computer Graphics Forum (July 2008)
[video] [Nvidia code sample]
  K. Mørken, M. Reimers and C. Schultz
"Computing Intersections of Planar Spline Curves using Knot Insertion",
To appear in Computer Aided Geometric Design (July 2008)
  M. Reimers and J. Seland,
"Ray Casting Algebraic Surfaces using the Frustum Form",
Computer Graphics Forum, 27(2): 361-370, 2008 (Proceedings of Eurographics)
  T. Morvan, M. Reimers and E. Samset,
"High Performance GPU-based Proximity Queries using Distance Fields",
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 27 Issue 8, Pages 2040 - 2052
  M. Reimers,
"A Local Construction for Non-uniform Spline Tight Wavelet Frames",
in Approximation Theory XII: San Antonio 2007, M. Neamtu and L. L. Schumaker (eds.), Nashboro Press, 2008
  C. Dyken, M. Reimers and J. Seland,
"Real-Time GPU Silhouette Refinement using adaptively blended Bezier Patches",
Computer Graphics Forum, 27(1): 1-12, 2008
  K. Mørken and M. Reimers,
"An unconditionally convergent method for computing zeros of splines and polynomials",
Mathematics of Computation 76 (2007), 845-865




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