Synergies between ground and space based solar research

1st SOLARNET - 3rd EAST/ATST meeting

Oslo, 5-8 August 2013


Sunday August 4


Monday August 5

9:009:15opening welcome
9:209:50Martinez Pillet, V.Vision for solar physics for the next decade
10:0010:30Collados, ManuelThe SOLARNET project
11:2011:35Scharmer, GöranSST/CRISP observations of opposite polarity field and convective flows in a sunspot penumbra
11:4011:55Louis, Rohan EugeneFormation of a penumbra in a decaying sunspot
12:0012:15Bharti, LokeshFine structures in the atmosphere above a sunspot umbra
14:0014:30Bello Rubio, LuisFlux emergence - combining space and ground based observations
14:4014:55Ortiz Carbonell, AdaHigh resolution analysis of a magnetic bubble emerging through the solar atmosphere
15:0015:15Stangalini, MarcoProperties of small scale magnetic fields in the solar photosphere: flux emergence and dynamics in supergranules
16:0016:30Fletcher, LyndsaySolar Flares - combining space- and ground-based observations
16:4016:55Scullion, EamonNew insights into solar flares with synoptic ground and space observations
17:0017:15Nabizadeh, ArminStatistical Distribution of Coronal Mass Ejections and Their Characteristics in 2007-2012

Tuesday August 6

9:009:30Rimmele, ThomasLarge aperture ground based solar telescopes
9:409:55Haugan, Stein VidarAn ideal Solar Virtual Observatory
10:0010:15Soltau, DirkFirst Experiences with the 1.5 m German Solar Telescope GREGOR
10:2011:00coffee, e-posters
11:0011:30Hasan, SirajThe Indian National Large Solar Telescope
11:4011:55Löfdahl, MatsThe contrast in solar images
12:0012:15Sliepen, GuusA Primary Image Guider for the SST
14:0014:30Lagg, AndreasSolar Orbiter and stereoscopic magnetometry
14:4014:55Henriques, Vasco M. J.Multi-line, multi-passband observations up to 0''10 resolution of an active region using the SST: results and insights into future Ca II H data.
15:0015:15Jafarzadeh, ShahinInclinations of small quiet-Sun magnetic features
15:2016:00coffee, e-posters
16:0016:30Schou, JesperStereoscopic Helioseismology
16:4016:55Koza JuliusThe CoMP-S instrument at the Lomnicky Peak Observatory and possible synergy aspects with the space-born observations
17:0017:15Romano PaoloEvolution of the annular zone around a sunspot before the formation of its penumbra

Wednesday August 7

9:009:30Title, AlanThe IRIS Mission
9:409:55de la Cruz Rodriguez, JaimeHeating of the magnetic chromosphere: observational constraints from Ca II 8542 spectra
10:0010:15Rouppe van der Voort, LucSmall-scale periodic jets in sunspot chromospheres
10:2011:00coffee, e-posters
11:0011:30Hansteen, ViggoNumerical simulations - supporting design of facilities and interpretations
11:4011:55Olluri, KosovareNumerical models as tools for spectroscopy and diagnostics of the solar atmosphere.
12:0012:15Calvo Santamaria, I.MHD wave coupling through the solar atmosphere
14:0014:30Leenaarts, JorritMulti-line diagnostics of the chromosphere
14:4014:55Pereira, Tiago M. D.Physical information from the NUV window of IRIS
15:0015:15Rathore BhavnaDiagnostic potential of CII lines for NASA/SMEX mission IRIS.
15:2016:00coffee, e-posters
16:0016:30Suematsu, YoshinoriScience Objectives and Instrument Designs of the SOLAR-C Mission
16:4016:55Schmieder BrigitteMulti thermal Jets in the solar atmosphere
17:0017:15Tiwari, Sanjiv KumarStructure of sunspot penumbral filaments

Thursday August 8

9:009:30Velli, MarcoCoronal Heating and Solar Wind Acceleration, from now to Solar Probe Plus
9:4010:10Bello Gonzalez, NazaretData pipelines for spectro-polarimetry
10:2011:00coffee, e-posters
11:0011:30Innes, DavinaExperience with joint observing programs
11:4011:55Ramelli RenzoIRSOL observing programs and interactions with data collected by space missions.
12:0012:15Pucci FulviaReconnection of quasi-singular current sheets and tearing in the ideal limit
14:0014:30Tritschler, AlexandraExperience with service mode observing
14:4014:55Roth, MarkusExploitation of Space Data for Innovative Helio- and Asteroseismology - SpaceInn
15:0015:15Wedemeyer, SvenMagnetic tornadoes on the Sun
16:0016:15Shelyag, SergiySpectropolarimetric signatures of photospheric intergranular vortices
16:2016:35Zapiór, MaciejSimultaneous observations of solar prominence oscillations using two remote telescopes
16:4016:55Socas-Navarro, HectorThe O abundance using empirical 3D models

e-poster sessions

e-posters Tuesday August 6

10:2011:00Bharti, LokeshComparisons of simulated sunspot's velocity and magnetic fields with ground and space based observations
10:2011:00Lin,Hsiao-HsuanThe formation of the OI 1355.6 A and CI line 1355.8 A lines in solar atmosphere
10:2011:00Staiger, JoachimNew Primary Beam Pointing Tools for High-Resolution Solar Telescopes
15:2016:00Guerreiro, NunoThe state of low lying loops in the solar atmosphere
15:2016:00Löfdahl, MatsImage scale calibration for the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope
15:2016:00Berkefeld, ThomasThe second flight of the balloon-borne solar observatory SUNRISE

e-posters Wednesday August 7

10:2011:00Falco, MariachiaraHigh resolution spectro-polarimetric observations of a large sunspot with a light bridge
10:2011:00Golding, Thomas PeterDetailed and simplified helium ionization in the solar atmosphere.
15:2016:00Guglielmino, Salvo L.The evolution of an orphan penumbra observed with HINODE and DOT
15:2016:00Louis, Rohan EugeneThe GREGOR Fabry-Perot Interferometer - Commissioning and Science Verification
15:2016:00Bentley, RobertExploiting the synergies between ground and space based observations

e-posters Thursday August 8

10:2011:00Pazira, HivaImaging in OI (777.2 nm)
10:2011:00Stangalini, MarcoData-driven 3D numerical simulations of MHD wave propagation in a solar magnetic structure
10:2011:00Zuccarello, FrancescaHigh resolution spectro-polarimetric observations of a delta spot