Welcome to my homepage,

I'm an interaction designer and assisting professor at Gjøvik University College. On this site I present my research and profile. Please enjoy. I look forward to any comments. - Miriam


My interests span from interaction design and information systems development, to social and organizational issues related to technology.

Ongoing interests are usability, human-computer interaction, user participation and inclusive design, as well as the effect of technology on society.

Current occupations are methods for user-centered design, pedagogical theory, and user interfaces and human-computer interaction related to universal design. I view universal design as universal accessibility plus universal usability.

Previous research and development projects are linked to multimodal interfaces and speech technologies, universal design solutions linked to technologies and disabilities and studies on DAISY - an alternative reading system to printed text - and how this system works out for different end-user groups. I define suitability of DAISY based on the experiences of the end-users (looking at context-based usage rather than into the possible application of the standard or system).

Specialties: Usability, user analysis, inclusive- and universal design, usability testing, research design, end-user participation and requirements specification, disability issues, system development methodology, project management, web accessibility, audio description.