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I have been a Professor in theoretical nuclear physics at the University of Oslo since May 1 2001. I was an associate professor at the same university in the period January 1 1999 to April 30 2001. I got my PhD in theoretical nuclear physics in December 1993 at the University of Oslo and a Siv. Ing. (Master of Science equivalent) degree in March 1988 at the Technical University of Norway (NTH) in Trondheim. In the period August 1989 till December 1993 I was a research assistant (PhD studies) at the University of Oslo and a research associate in the period January 1 till September 30 1994 at the same place. In the period October 1 1994- December 1998 I was a post-doctoral fellow at the European Center for theoretical studies in nuclear physics, ECT* , in Trento, Italy and at the Nordita in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In December 2000 I shared the University of Oslo Excellence in Teaching Award with Arnt Inge Vistnes. In 2007 I became a fellow of the American Physical Society. In 2008, our team, David Dean, Gaute Hagen, Thomas Papenbrock and myself received the Oak Ridge National Laboratory award in the category for "Scientific Research" for our development and implementation of coupled-cluster theory for medium mass and neutron-rich nuclei.

My research interests span most of the areas decribed under these pages on computational physics and computational quantum mechanics in particular. The main focus has been and is on many-body methods for nuclear structure problems, but I have also done and continue to do research on Bose-Einstein condensation and the structure of quantum dots, in addition to studies of the mathematical properties of various many-body methods. In essence, my research can be summmarized under the topic studies of algorithms and methods for solving Schroedinger's equation or Dirac's equation for many interacting particles.

I am also one of the principal investigators at the Norwegian center of excellence 'Center of Mathematics for Applications' ( CMA ). In addition, I'm strongly involved in teaching at all levels. I have been heading the bachelor program Physics, Astronomy and Meteorology ( FAM ) since 2002 (except for the period August 2004 till July 2005). I am also strongly involved in the project Computers in Science Education, see here for more information.


You can reach me at the following address


You can find more about my research here.


I have also organized many workshops and meetings. See here for a list.