Nils-Henrik M von der FehrNils-Henrik M von der Fehr

Department of Economics,
University of Oslo

Mailing address: P O Box 1095 Blindern, N-0317 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: +47 22 85 51 40
Telefax: +47 22 85 50 35
Mobile phone: +47 90 99 75 82

Curriculum vitae


Microeconomics, Industrial Economics

ECON 1210 Forbruker, bedrift og marked

ECON 3210/4210 Decisions, Markets and Incentives

ECON 4820 Strategic Competition

SØK2MIK Mikroøkonomisk teori: Offentlig økonomikk

SØK 535 Imperfect Competition and Strategic Interaction


Research interests: Industrial Economics (JEL L00), Oligopoly and other forms of market imperfection (JEL D43, L13), Auctions (JEL D44), Competition Policy (JEL K21), Regulation (JEL L43, L51), Regulation of utilities - electric and other (JEL L95), Environmental Management (JEL Q28, Q38)


Advisory and Consultant Work

Currently advisor to: Dutch Office for Energy Regulation, Norwegian Competition Authority, Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority, Swedish Post and Telecommunications Authority


Selected Publications and Other Work

Publications in English
Publications in Norwegian
Other work

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