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CSMN workshop: Children's pragmatic and metarepresentational development

Time and place: September 2nd & 3rd, 2011, seminar room 652, Georg Morgenstiernes hus, Oslo University's Blindern campus


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The organisers are Robyn Carston and Deirdre Wilson, plus Nicholas Allott (local organiser).


The last ten to fifteen years have seen a rapid proliferation of research on the development of the communicative capacity in children and its interaction with the development of other metarepresentational capacities such as those for mindreading, argumentation and epistemic vigilance. The aim of this workshop is to take stock of this research and consider some of its implications for theories of pragmatics and metarepresentation. We have therefore invited speakers working on development from a variety of theoretical perspectives, including those of Tomasello (2008), Csibra & Gergely (2009) and relevance theory (e.g. Sperber & Wilson 2002, Carston 2002), to present some of their research and to consider its implications for theories of communication and for the relation between communicative abilities and other types of metarepresentational capacity.

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