Relevance E-mail List

The relevance email list is for everyone interested in announcements, discussions and similar on relevance theory and related topics.

The list is open to all who are interested, and all members can post.

Postings should be


News: We have changed server (in July 2018). Existing subscribers should have received an invitation to the new relevance list. If you didn't receive the invitation, please sign up to the new list as explained below.

How to use the relevance email list


To join the relevance e-mail list, send an e-mail message to:

(The content of the email doesn't matter, it can just be empty.)

You will then automatically be e-mailed further instructions.

Once you have subscribed, please send a message introducing yourself to the other members of the list, telling them about your research interests.

If that seems a bit daunting, then feel free to subscribe and lurk for a while, then post an introductory message when you feel comfortable.

Sending messages

When you are subscribed, to send a message to the everyone on the list, email it to:

Please make sure that your email has an informative subject line e.g. something like ‘Workshop on semantics/pragmatics interface’ or ‘Question about explicature’.

Unsubscribing, changing options and help

To unsubscribe or change options, go to

and log in. (You will need the password which was sent to you in the email welcoming you to the list.)

You can also make such adjustments via email by sending a message to:

with the word ‘help’ in the subject or body (don't include the quotation marks), and you will get back a message with instructions.

If any of that doesn't work out, or if you have any questions, then please email me. I'm the list administrator: it's my job to sort things out.


Archive of old messages

2000– July 2006

July 2006–May 2015

Archives from July 2018 coming soon.


Purpose and rules of the list 

As noted above, the list is for:

Postings should not fall outside of these categories. Repeated postings outside of these categories will be treated as abuse.

(If in doubt, feel free to email me offlist to check.)

For established list members, a first infringment will bring a warning (but see below).

A second infringment will result in unsubscription.

I will unsubscribe without warning in the case of off-topic advertising, email accounts that seem to have been hijacked, and blatant spam in general.

A brief statement of other rules common to practically every mailing list is probably in order:


The relevance list is hosted at UCL, the home of the pragmatics reading group.