Thank you to all participants

Dear friends and colleagues,

We’d like to thank you all very much again for having taken time in your busy schedules to come to Oslo and for making the summer institute 2018 such a success. We very much appreciate the thought and effort that you put in and the collaborative and intellectually stimulating atmosphere that you helped us to develop.

- the organisers

The future

Watch this space for details of the next summer institute.

We have left the details of The Norwegian Summer Institute on Language and Mind 2018 below because they are a very good guide to what we aim to achieve.

The Norwegian Summer Institute on Language and Mind

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Tuesday 31st July (9 am) – Friday 10th August (1 pm), 2018
University of Oslo, Blindern campus; Seminar room 1 (‘Undervisningsrom 1’), Sophus Bugges building

Public transport in Oslo

The underground (T-bane), trams, buses are all run by Ruter.

For almost all purposes the best thing is to get a travelcard and put a 7-day or 24-hour, zone 1 pass onto it. The validity period runs from the first time you use it: you have to 'touch in' that first time, but not subsequently.

If travelling less frequently, use pay-as-you-go credit instead. In that case, you have to touch in at the beginning of each journey, and can then travel on any combination of trams, T-bane, busses, and ferries for one hour.

There's also a mobile app 'RuterBillett' which you can download and use. That allows you to use your iPhone (or similar) as your ticket, using a credit card to buy one-off fares or period passes.

City map

This map shows various important locations in Oslo including some relevant T-bane (metro) and tram stops.
You can click and drag to scroll. Click the blue markers to see descriptions of the locations.

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Campus map

This map shows how to get from the nearest T-bane (Metro) or tram stops to Sophus Bugges hus (building), Blindern campus, where the Summer Institute is taking place. Here's the Oslo public transport webpage.

Both Blindern and Forskningsparken T-bane stations are on T-bane (i.e. Metro) lines 4 and 5. There are direct trains from all the stations on these lines including Jernbarnetorget, Nationaltheatret and Majorstuen stations in the centre of Oslo. Here's a T-bane route map.

The university tram stop is served by the number 17 and 18 trams. These also go through the city centre. Tram route map.

map of Blindern campus with stations and institute venue marked