Nils Henrik Risebro
                Prof. Nils Henrik Risebro
                Department of Mathematics
                University of Oslo
                P.O. Box 1036, Blindern
                N-0316 Oslo
                (+47) 22 85 60 27 (office)
                (+47) 92 43 77 34 (mobile)
                nilshr at
                risebro at (private)

Research interests

My research interests are mainly nonlinear partial differential equations and numerical methods for these. I have been particularly interested in systems of nonlinear conservation laws, one ongoing project in this field is the development of numerical methods for magnetohydrodynamics, this is a collaboration with Kenneth Hvistendahl Karlsen, Siddhartha Mishra and Ph.D. student Franz Fuchs. I have also worked on conservation laws with discontinuous coefficients in a variety of applications.

Since my student days, I have been interested in mathematical problems arising in reservoir simulation. There are many practically important and theoretically difficult problems in this area.

I have also been working on various nonlinear "wave type" equations, such as the Camassa-Holm equation and the Degasperis-Procesi equation.

Research output

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Some present and former collaborators

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Arriving and travelling in Oslo

I am working at the University of Oslo at the CMA , which is located on the tenth floor of building 14 on this map.. The centre can be reached by taking subway line 3 or 5 or tram line 10, 17 or 18 to Blindern (Universitetet) . See also all local rail lines and all local bus lines. Here is a map of Oslo. For practical information on how to get from/to the airport to the university see Oslo Airport information. You may either take the express train Flytoget to Oslo S ( = Jernbanetorget) and there switch to the metro T-banen to Blindern. Or you may take the bus Flybussekspressen at the stop B15 just outside the terminal building towards Majorstua and to the third last stop Vestre Aker Kirke (500 meters from the university). More and updated information about local transport in Oslo can be found (in Norwegian) at Trafikanten. Here is a map of the 2 km walk from Gyldenløve Hotel to CMA. (From Bogstadveien 20 to Moltke Moes vei 35) (R 168 = Bogstadveien, R 161 = Kirkeveien; use the obvious diagonal shortcut Tusentrippen over the fields from Suhms gate).


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