Publications 1998

Academic Journals

  1. K. H. Karlsen, K. A. Lie, N. H. Risebro, J. Fr\o yen. A front tracking approach to a two phase fluid-flow model with capillary forces. IN SITU, 22:55-89, 1998.
  2. R. M. Colombo, N. H. Risebro. Continuous dependence in the large for some equations of gas dynamics. Comm. Partial Differential Equations, 23:1693-1718, 1998.

International Conferences

  1. S. Evje, K. H. Karlsen, K. A. Lie, N. H. Risebro. Front tracking and operator splitting for nonlinear degenerate convection diffusion equations. In Proceedings from the IMA workshop on parallell algorithms for PDEs, 1998.