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I am Senior Researcher at PGP (Physics of Geological Processes) at the University of Oslo. I am the scientific coordinator of the Fluid Earth Group at PGP, which involves activities on volcanic processes, CO2 sequestration, and petroleum systems.

PGP was a Norwegian Center of Excellence aiming to bring geologists and physicists to work together in order to get a better understanding of the geological processes. Although the CoE status of PGP ended, PGP activities continue in a group in-between the Departments of Physics and Geosciences.


Manuscript accepted for publication in Journal of Geophysical Research

Georoute Andine

Our manuscript entitled "Morphology and dynamics of explosive vents through cohesive rock formations", by O. Galland, G. R. Gisler and Ø. T. Haug has been accepted for publication in Journal of Geophysical Research.

Photograph exhibition at the Recent Discoveries & NCS Prospect Fair, Fornebu, 14-15 May 2014

Georoute Andine

I was invited to present the photograph exhibition of the Andean Geotrail, at the Recent discoveries and NCS Prospect Fair meeting at Fornebu. It was organized by the Norsk Geologisk Forening and Halden Carstens from GEO365.

Photograph exhibition and public conference at the Realfag Bibliotek, Campus Blindern, 27 February 2014

Georoute Andine

I will present the photograph exhibition of the Andean Geotrail, the outreach project based on a 9-month cycling adventure in the Andes with Caroline Sassier, at the Realfag Bibliotek, Campus Blindern, University of Oslo. I will also present a public conference on our project on 27 February, at 16:00.

New Meeting report published in Eos-Transactions AGU


This short Meeting report summarises the main outcomes of the AiQAM meeting held at GFZ Potsdam on Quantitative kinetic avalysis in laboratory models of Geological Processes. The meeting was co-organized with Karen Leever and Matthias Rosenau (GFZ Potsdam) and Valerio Acocella (Rome). Download paper.

Outreach paper in Aftenposten Viten


With Anja Røyne, we just published an outreach article in the Norwegian Newspaper Aftenposten Viten on the mysterious 1258-1259 gigantic volcanic eruption detected in the ice cores of Greenlanc and Antartica.

Photograph highlight on EGU Blog

One of the photograph of the Andean Geotrail photograph exhibition has been selected as the image of the week, on the 7th October. The image displays the wonderful petrifying springs of Puente del Inca, Argentinian Andes, at the foot of Cerro Aconcagua (6959 m.o.s.l.), the roof of the Americas.

Puente del Inca, Argentina

Manuscript submitted to Earth and Planetary Science Letters

We recently submitted a manuscript entitled "Toward a unified model for dykes and cone sheets in volcanic systems", by Galland, O., Burchardt, S., Hallot, E., Mourgues, R. and Bulois, C. We cross the fingers!

The Andean Geotrail

To have news of the Andean Geotrail project, click here: Andean Geotrail.

Picture Galland

For further information, I invite you to visit my webpage.

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The Andean Geotrail exhibition next to Statoil

New discoveries conference 2014

New discoveries conference 2014

The Andean Geotrail photograph exhibition

Perito Moreno Glacier

Chaitén Volcano

Argentina field excursion, Neuquén Basin (11-18 March 2013)

Mulichinco Formation, Tromen Thrust

With Héctor in front of Maipo Volcano

MeMoVolc workshop, Oslo (4-6 Feb.)

The group at Blindern

During a brainstorming session