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I am Senior Researcher at PGP (Physics of Geological Processes) at the University of Oslo. I am the scientific coordinator of the Fluid Earth Group at PGP, which involves activities on volcanic processes, CO2 sequestration, and petroleum systems.

PGP was a Norwegian Center of Excellence aiming to bring geologists and physicists to work together in order to get a better understanding of the geological processes. Although the CoE status of PGP ended, PGP activities continue in a group in-between the Departments of Physics and Geosciences.


November 201 - Paper in Journal of Geological Society

Our paper entitled "Igneous sill and finger emplacement mechanism in shale-dominated formations: a field study at Cuesta del Chihuido, Neuquén Basin, Argentina" has been accepted in the Journal of the Geological Society of London.

June 2015 - Paperbook chapter in Advances in Volcanology

Our review entitled "Laboratory Modelling of Volcano Plumbing Systems: A Review" has been accepted in the Advances in Volcanology book edited by Christophe Breitkreuz and Sergio Rocchi on "Physical Geology of Shallow Magmatic Systems: Dykes, Sills and Laccoliths". It is the first review on this subject, and we hope this paper will become a reference

27 Feb. 2015 - Interview at the MatNat Faculty!

I have been interviewed by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Oslo to talk about my research activities, the Andean Geotrail, and my story that led me to become volcanologist. Find the full interview here. The article made it to the front page of the Department of Geosciences.

MatNat Faculty, UiO

The Andean Geotrail

To have news of the Andean Geotrail project, click here: Andean Geotrail.

Picture Galland

For further information, I invite you to visit my webpage.


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Argentina field trip, Neuquén 2014

New discoveries conference 2014

New discoveries conference 2014

The Andean Geotrail exhibition next to Statoil

New discoveries conference 2014

New discoveries conference 2014

The Andean Geotrail photograph exhibition

Perito Moreno Glacier

Chaitén Volcano