Optical and Electronic Properties at the Nanoscale


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Annett Thøgersen

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Øystein Prytz

I am an Associate Professor of Physics, working mainly with quantitative TEM methods such as EELS, STEM and Electron Holography. We use these techniques to gain unique insight into the optical and electronic properties of nanostructured materials at length scales that are not available using other methods. Most of our activity is related to materials for sustainable energu such as photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, battery materials and materials for fuel cell applications.

If you are interested in poursuing a master's or PhD in our group, please contact me!

Mail: oystein.prytz@fys.uio.no

Annett Thøgersen

I am a research scientist working at SINTEF Materials Physics in Oslo, where I am investigating material properties using transmission electron microscopy at the Structural Physics group at UiO. It is exciting to get insight into the atomic and electronic structure of materials using techniques like electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS). I investigate all types of materials, from steel for construction, polymers, catalyst materials for CO2 storage, to semiconductor thin films for solar cells. One of my passions is to investigate and develop new materials for renewable energy applications.

In my spare time I spend time with my family. I have three small kids, and we like to go skiing, hiking and biking in the forest.

Mail: annett.thogersen@sintef.no

Domas Birenis

I am a PhD student working on hydrogen embrittlement in steels. TEM is the main tool in my project to study dislocation structures in specimens fatigued in hydrogen and other atmospheres and trying to deduce the role of hydrogen in dislocation structure developement. In addition, I am aiming to detect hydrogen distribution around lattice defects like grain boundaries or dislocations on nano-scale by analyzing the local bonding changes in Fe matrix by using a combination of EELS and environmental TEM.

Mail: domas.birenis@gmail.com

Tarjei Bondevik

My name is Tarjei Bondevik, and I started as a PhD student in the group in 2015. In my PhD, I investigate grain boundary properties of BaZrO3. Concretely, I am interested in the segregation of charged defects towards the grain boundary core.

To study the grain boundary, I combine theoretical and experimental approaches using density functional theory, impedance spectroscopy and inline electron holography. With the inline holography experiments, the goal is to measure changes in the electrostatic potential across individual grain boundaries.

In my spare time, I like to:

  • snowboard
  • run
  • discuss politics
  • read
  • think about my PhD

Mail: tarjei.bondeviksmn.uio.no

Henrik Riis

I’m working on ZnSb, a promising thermoelectric material. Specifically, I use TEM techniques to investigate metal-ZnSb interfaces. The interest is in relating structure and chemistry to electrical properties, but also to work towards possible contact materials in thermoelectric power generators.

I also collaborate with industry where we are working towards commercialization and implementation of thermoelectric power generators.

Mail: henrik.riis@fys.uio.no

Thomas Aarholt

I'm working on fundamental science, in particular on combining STEM simulation and experiment to study point defect complexes in ZnO by STEM and EELS. I also contribute to the development of the HyperSpy Python package, used all over the world for handling multidimensional electron microscopy data.

In the past I've worked on the oxidation of zirconium alloys in the nuclear industry, and performed nanoscale depth-resolved measurements of hydrogen in oxides by NanoSIMS.

In my spare time I enjoy lindy hopping, rowing and trying to predict earthquakes using Twitter.

Mail: thomas.aarholt@smn.uio.no

Kristian Haug

I work with synthesis of nanoparticles enclosed in a matrix.

In my sparetime I often go biking in the summer. I also enjoy brewing all sorts of beer.

Mail: kristi11@uio.no