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Řystein Prytz
The short story: I'm working as an Associate Professor at the Department of Physics at the University of Oslo. My research interests are within the field of solid state/materials physics. Specifically, my interests are focused on applications of electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) in the transmission electron microscope (TEM), and I head the reseracher group on Optical and Electronic Propterties at the Nanoscale.

The combination of techniques that are available in modern TEM instruments allow the study of electronic structure and bonding of materials with a spatial resolution at the nanometer level. Such studies are of increasing importance in the materials physics community as more effort is being directed at creating new, nanostructured materials with specific functional properties. Using EELS in the TEM, the bonding characteristics of these materials can be investigated at an unrivalled spatial resolution. These studies become particularly interesting when combined with theoretical investigations based on e.g. density functional theory (DFT), giving insight into the origin of electronic, optical and mechanical properties.