The lory page of Beate and Øyvin

A lot of lory pictures and some links to information

Onanasse (that's our bird) section

Now the obnoxious bird can be heard on the net! His "huff-piong" greeting sounds are here in .wav format and in .aiff format. They were recorded when his favourite aunt came over to the cage for a moment. Pure joy.

Here are a few pictures of Onanasse (red lory, eos bornea bornea), who believes he owns Beate. He might be right.

The Sebring Show - a lory only exhibition

There was a show in Sebring last year where a lot of the lory-listers went - the photographic evidence is here.

Guests' section (this is where we admit there are other cute birds, too)

But first, a warning: Skippy is your generally hated evil nightmare parrot.

Angel, a yellow-backed chattering lory owned by Peter in Florida

Taz the blue-streaked and Skittles (AKA the Bug) the chattering lory has their own homepage, and lives with Kristin in Arizona.

Dingo, a green-naped lory, master of Julie and Geoff

Jingles and Laura, of Ed Conure's

Nasse's got competition! Here's an audio file of Ozzie (the red lory of Mary's below)

Slice and Faruk, from California, an appetizer. Fred and Candi's birds

Melody is a jobi lory that belongs to Darlene.

Elmo the red and Baby the yellow-streaked, both belong to Toni

Lori a Swainson's living with Jill.

Some of Margrethe's birds. Duskies, blacks and Edward's.

Rosie and Ruby are two lories (red and buru red) that lives with Sally.

Ozzie and Chirps, (also red and buru) belong to Mary.

Tiki, dusky lory. A beautiful picture (320KB)

Rad, a dusky lory of Brian's.

Tatie (that's Barbara's bird) right after a bath. A wet Tatie, that is.

Jojo, a blue-streak lory owns Sam and Alice Dayton, according to Sam...

Here are some more chick pics from Robbie.

Here is a picture of Indy, who usually sleeps with his head in an empty toilet roll. Indy lives with Carrie in Florida.

Here is a total of 13 baby bird pictures sent by Robbie.

Here is a picture of the lory Rainbow, who owns Dennis and Emmy in Toronto, Canada.

Here are two pictures of Gabby, who owns Jim in Georgia, USA, one of Scarlett and one of both of them together.

Here's a few pictures of Tatie, Barbara's red lory. Of course, the little red Barbie suitcase is there, too. Here's a picture of Barbara (and Fuzzbunky).