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About Pal Kolsto (Pål Kolstø)

Professor of Russian and Central European and Balkan Area Studies at the University of Oslo. Main research interests: Nationbuilding and ethnic relations in the new states of Eurasia and the Balkans; Historical myths and national symbols in the new states of Eurasia and the Balkans;in the new states of Eurasia and the Balkans.


Current Research

A project on the Historical myths in changing Balkan societies. Here is a draft version of my paper on that topic.

Here are the papers that will be presented by participating Ph.D. students on a seminar that we arrange in Dubrovnik 16-18 September 2004



Pal Kolsto
Institute of East European and Oriental Studies
Nils Treschows House, 10th floor, room 1027
P.O. Box 1030, Blindern
N-0315 Oslo

Phone: + 47 22 85 67 99 or + 47 22 85 67 78
Fax: + 47 22 85 41 40

(Home address: Ramsvig 50G, N-4015 Stavanger)
(Home phone: + 47 51 56 20 82, Home fax: + 47 51 56 20 82)




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