Some Papers and Articles by Paal Kolstoe

The price of stability. Kazakhstani control mechanisms in a bipolar cultural and demographic situation
Paper to be presented at the conference "Democracy and Pluralism in the Muslim Areas of the Former Soviet Union" at The Cummings Center, University of Tel Aviv, 7-9 November 1999

Interstate Integration in the Post-Soviet Space: The Role of the Russian Diasporas

A Mass For A Heretic? The controversy over Leo Tolstoi's Burial

Territorialising Diasporas. The case of the Russians in the former Soviet republics

'The Dniester Conflict: Between Irrendentism and Separatism'
(with Andrei Edemsky and Natalya Kalashnikova)
Europe-Asia Studies, vol. 45, (no. 6 1993) pp. 973-1000.

'Hunden som ikke gj¿dde' Hva skjedde med den hviterussiske nasjonalstatstanken

'The new Russian diaspora - an identity of its own? Possible identity trajectories for Russians in the former Soviet republic.'
Ethnic and Racial studies, July 1996, pp. 609-639

Is Kazakstan being Kazakified?

F¿deralisme Og Menneskerettigheter I Russland

Territorial Autonomy As A Minority Rights Regime In Post-Communist Societies

Printed in in Will Kymlicka and Magda Opalski, eds., Can Liberal Pluralism Be Exported? Western Political Theory And Ethnic Relations In Eastern Europe, (Oxford: Oxford University press, 2002), pp. 200-219

Anticipating Demographic Superiority: Kazakh Thinking On Integration And Nation-Building

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