You will find a link to all my publications listed in Forskdok here. The full text of some articles and book chapters are given in links below. Please note that the text reproduced here normally is the last draft version since as a rule I have not had access to the final version produced by the journal/publishing house.


I. Personal data


Name                          Pål Kolstø

Date of birth               3 May 1953

Nationality                  Norwegian

Academic degree         Dr.Philos.   

Present position          Professor, Department of East European       and Oriental Studies,                                      University of Oslo, with responsibility for  Russian and East European                                Area Studies, since 1995

Marital status              Married with four children


II. Educational background


1995 Dr.Philos (University of Oslo); (dissertation: Truth in Falsehood: Leo Tolstoy and the Orthodox Faith) (In Norwegian)

1982 Cand. philol (University of Oslo) in History of Ideas (Major), and     Russian and History (minors)

1974 (July) - 1975 (December): Studied Russian language in the     Norwegian Army as part of my compulsory military service

1972 (August) 1973 (August) Exchange student in Portland, Oregon, USA.



III. Awards and grants

2002-2004 Grant from the  Norwegian Research Council (NFR) to a research project on Historical Myths in Changing Balkan societies

1995-2001 Grant from the  Norwegian Research Council (NFR) to a research project on ‘Ethnic Integration and Nation-Building in post-Soviet Societes’.

1984-1987 Scholarship from the Norwegian Research Council for the advancement of the humanities (NAVF) to write a doctorate dissertation.

1985 October.  Short term grant from the Kennan Institute for Advanced    Russian Studies, Washington, USA,  with a project on Russian national-religious  messianism.

1983 and 1984  Two grants from Nationalgaven til Christian Michelsen,     Chr.   Michelsensinstitutt, Bergen, to study 'Russian messianism' and 'Soviet thinking on war and peace'

1979, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 Travel grants  from the Norwegian Research Council for the Humanities and the Norwegian Research Council  to do research in the Former Soviet  Union.




IV. Previous positions


1990 (August)- 1995 (May) Associate Professor, Department of     East European and Oriental Studies, University of Oslo, with responsibility for  Russian and East European Area Studies1983-1984 Interpreter for the Norwegian border commissar on the Norwegian-Soviet border.

1987-1990 Research Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies, Oslo, specializing on Soviet security policy and contemporary Soviet  history.

1979 (July-December) Guard/translator at the  Royal Norwegian     Embassy in Moscow.


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Chapter 1, introduction

Chapter 2 Nation-building and social integration theory
Chapter 3 Discovering the centuries-old state tradition
Chapter 4 Nation, state and religion
Chapter 5 Integration or alienation: Russians in the former Soviet republics
Chapter 6 Nation-building in two bi-cultural states: Latvia and Kazakhstan
Chapter 7 Two Romanias, Two Moldovas
Chapter 8 Belarus: The dog that didn’t bark
Chapter 9 Ukraine: Building a nation on marginal differences
Chapter 10 Russia: The old centre vs. the new - vs. the periphery
Chapter 11 Comparisons and conclusions



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Own contributions:
’Nation-building in Russia: a value-oriented strategy’, pp 1-28
(with Guri Tyldum): ’Value consensus and social cohesion in Russia’, pp. 29-58
’Values and state ideology in post-Communist Russia’ pp. 327-340


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