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PhD thesis

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PhD thesis Glacier fluctuations, global temperature and sea-level change
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Paper describing the glacier length data set has been published in the Cryosphere!

Started a new postdoc position in Oslo on March 1st 2014, joining the Icemass project.

Donderdag 28 Februari 2013 geef ik een lezing over gletsjers voor de Skikring Alkmaar.

10 Februari 2013 gaf ik een lezing in de Leidse Winterlezingen serie in Museum Naturalis. Naar aanleiding daarvan verscheen er een stuk in de NRC en was ik te gast bij het radioprogramma Vroege Vogels

Defended my thesis on Feb. 8! 2012 PDF of thesis can be downloaded from the UU library by clicking on the image above.

Naar aanleiding van mijn promotie ben ik geinterviewed voor de Volkskrant en Trouw.

Glacier length fluctuations data set can be downloaded from Data downloads

Paper on the reconstruction of global temperature change has just been published! See Publications for a link.

Glacier length fluctuations

Downloads of the glacier length data, version of 12-09-2012.
Table with an overview of the glaciers in the data set and the references to the sources of the included data. Glaciers are ordered by region (see also Figure 2), and within the region on alphabetic order.
Also a .kmz file is provided for visualisation in GoogleEarth of the location of all glaciersin the data set.
--> Overview and references (.pdf)
--> GoogleEarth .kmz file

Data are available in three tab-delimited text files, right-click and "save as". In all files, missing values are denoted by -99999.
--> Glacier properties (.txt)
--> Glacier length records (.txt)
--> Interpolated glacier length records (.txt)
details of the data set are given in the paper A data set of worldwide glacier length fluctuations and in Chapter 2 of my PhD thesis that can be downloaded by clicking on the image to the right

Reconstructed temperatures

Global, northern and soutern hemisphere reconstructed temperature for period 1600—2000 (cf. Fig. 4 in Global and hemispheric temperature reconstructions from glacier length fluctuations)
Tab delim. txt files: year; T (K) anomaly w.r.t. 1961-1990 mean; 95% confidence intervals
--> Global
--> NH
--> SH
Citation: Leclercq PW, Oerlemans J (2012), Global and hemspheric temperature reconstruction from glacier length fluctuations, Climate Dynamics 38 1065-1079, doi: 10.1007/s00382-011-1145-7

Glacier contribution to sea-level

The data of the contribution of glaciers to sea-level rise (cf. Fig. 6 of Estimating the glacier contribution to sea-level rise over the period 1800-2005.
Tab delim.txt file: year; relative sea-level change (cm) caused by melt of glaciers; uncertainty of the estimate (cm).
--> sea level.
--> update of sea level as published in Gregory et al. 2013.
--> update of sea level as published in Marzeion et al. 2015.
Citation: Leclercq PW, Oerlemans J, Cogley JG (2011), Estimating the glacier contribution to sea-level rise over the period 1800-2005, Surveys in Geophysics 32 519-535, doi: 10.1007/s10712-011-9121-7