Per A. Høglend

Professor, Dr. Med, Senior Psychiatrist

Phone: (+ 47) 22 02 99 60
Fax: (+ 47) 22 49 58 61

Visiting address
Vinderen Psykiatriske
Forskningsveien 7
0319 OSLO

Mailing address
Institute of clinical medicine, Vinderen
P.O. Box 85 Vinderen
0319 OSLO

Research interests

The main research projects are about the development of more efficient psychotherapies for depression, anxiety and personality disorders. These disorders are by far the leading cause of disability worldwide. The research is also basic research, testing mainstream psychological clinical theories. In addition research in social medicine, psychiatric diagnostics, defence mechanisms, drug abuse, psychometrics, psychosomatic medicine, educational research, and law and psychiatry.


The First Experimental Study of Transference-Interpretations (in Norwegian)

Selected papers

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Related: Selected as one of the 9 most important and interesting papers by Editorial board in American Journal of Psychiatry: 2006 in Review. Am J Psychiatry 2006; 163: 2037 – 2040
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