Petter Nielsen

Senior Researcher in Telenor Group (on leave)
Associated Professor II at Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo

Phone: +47 41 50 60 58
E-mail: pnielsen at

Publications, Papers and Presentations


  • The Reality beyond the Hype: Mobile Internet is Primarily an Extension of PC-Based Internet, Nielsen and Fjuk, in Understanding Creative Users of ICTs: Users as Social Actors, edited by Herold, Sawhney and Fortunati, 2012
  • Studying Information Infrastructures, Nielsen, in Phenomenology, Organizational Politics, and IT Design: The Social Study of Information Systems, edited by Viscusi, Campagnolo and Curzi, 2012


  • Towards a Design Theory of Usability and Generativity, Nielsen and Hanseth, 2010, ECIS 2010, (pdf)
  • The Reality beyond the Hype: Mobile Internet is Primarily an Extension of PC-based Internet, Nielsen and Fjuk, 2010, Information Society, 26(5), Pp 375-382


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  • A Conceptual Framework of Information Infrastructure Building: A Cases Study of the Development of a Content Service Platform for Mobile Phones in Norway, Nielsen, 2005, Ph.D thesis (pdf)


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  • Enabling an Operator-Independent Transaction Model for Mobile Phone Content Service Provision Through the Open CPA Platform, Nielsen and Hanseth, 2003, Pp. 344-353 in Proceedings of the Workshop on Standard Making: A Critical Research Frontier for Information Systems, edited by John L King and Kalle Lyytinen. Seattle, WA (pdf)


  • Bootstrapping the Electronic Patient Record Infrastructure, Iacucci, Nielsen and Berge, 2002, IRIS 25 (doc)
  • Next generation mobile communication infrastructure: UMTS and WLAN - who will succeed?, Jansen and Nielsen, 2002, NOKOBIT 2002, (pdf)
  • Introduction of the third generation of mobile communication system in Norway, Nielsen, 2002, essay submitted for the doctoral course: "Theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of technology" (doc)
  • Designing mobile consumer service information infrastructures, Nielsen, 2002, essay submitted for the course: "Qualitative research methods" (doc)

  • Teaching

  • Fall 2010, 2011 and 2012: INF3290 - Store og Komplekse informasjonssystemer
  • Fall 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011: INF5210 - Information Infrastructure
  • Spring 2008: INF5270 - Designing Interactive Websites
  • Fall 2003: Software engineering - Part of the 2-year International Master's Degree in Information Systems
  • Spring 2003: IN364 - Systems development and organizational complexity

  • PhD-students supervised

  • Zegaye Seifu Wubishet, "Conceptualizing the Governance of Free and Open Source Software Development: A Framework Based on Case Studies of Three Software Projects in Norway", finnished 2011
  • John Lewis,"From technology for information to information for local action: the role of participtory networks from case studies in India", finnished 2011
  • Nigussie Tadesse, "Revisiting Networking of Actions and Knowledge Transfer:An Outline of Practice and Community Based Distributed Approach For Open Source Information Systems Implementation in Developing Countries. Cases from Ethiopia", finnished 2011
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