Sophus Lie Conference Center

Sophus Lie Conference center is situated at Fjordane Folkeh¿gskule in Nordfjordeid. This is a boarding school whose facilities are taken over by the center during the summer break. The school has 90 beds at the school. For additional accommodation there are several hotels and pensions in Nordfjordeid. At the school there are nine pavilions with 4 double rooms and 2 single rooms. The pavilions have common kitchen and bathroom facilities. All meals are prepared at the schools own kitchen, and they can serve up to 130 persons. Fjordane Folkeh¿gskule was built in 1975. It has an aulaen which takes 350 persons, with large blackboards and overhead screens. In addition the school has several classrooms for 30-40 persons and numerous smaller rooms. The school has computers with internet connection available to participants.

Fjordane Folkeh¿gskule lies just outside the center of Nordfjordeid. At this center there tourist information, travel agencies, restaurants, pubs as well as regular stores, post office and bank.

Nordfjordeid is reachable by plane, bus and car. There are 4 daily flights from Oslo and Bergen, and 3 buses daily from Oslo and Bergen. It lies in one of the scenic fjords of western Norway, north of Bergen.

The center has been the host of mathematical conferences and summer schools since 1993. Included among these are 2 Euroconferences sponsored by the European Commission through the HCM and TMR programs, namely -Europroj annual conference, June1995 (85 participants) -Conference on Von Neumann algebras and dynamical systems, August 1997 (120 participants). The accomodations are reasonably priced. for details get in touch at the above address.

Here are some pictures from Nordfjordeid: Dave Bayers pictures