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We are exploring the properties of scientifically and technologically important materials using accurate density functional calculations. Our band structure calculations are supplementary and complementary to the experimental activities going on with our collaborative partners in both India as well as abroad. Please explore the website to learn more about the ongoing projects in the laboratory and the people behind the physics.

Group Highlights

Our work is highlighted on the back cover of ChemPhyChem in issue 12/2017 | Our students project has been selected for Lab2Moon project | Prof. Ponniah Ravindran achieves new career milestone of 5,000 citations | News about SPECTRUM2015 on DECCAN Chronicle- Role of light-based tech in sustainable developement stressed | Prof. P. Ravindran delivered a lecture on Research Methodologies for Scientist in Workshop on IP Awareness and Research Methodologies held at CUTN on 16th Oct 2015

5,000 citations

Prof. P. Ravindran`s research receives over 5000 citations

His 130+ scientific articles have now received a total of 5,000 citations from researchers in the field of Physics, Chemistry and Material science who have referenced his work. Congrats, Professor!

Shortlisted for Moon project

Our project attempts to perform photosynthesis on moon. It will be the first step towards creating sustainable life there!
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Strong cooperation on higher education

Our Indo-Norwegian collaboraion is highlighted in the Norwegian embassy website!
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Highly Cited Papers


Elastic properties of TiSi2
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Magnetoelectric behavior in BiFeO3
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Recent Publications

Hole doped La4Ni3O8Read more

Magnetic ordering in Mn5O8Read more

AgBO2 and CuBO2 (B = Al, Ga, In and Sc, Y)
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