phpWebSite - Config File Creation Utility

You are missing a config.php file. This utility can help you create one.

You need to set your directory permissions before you continue. Read the docs/secure.txt file for help on setting the correct permissions.

Database Version The SQL server type you are using.
Database Host The host address of your SQL server. Leave as localhost if you are not sure.
Database Username The user that has access to the database created for this phpWebSite installation.
(It is suggested you make a database user JUST for this phpWebSite installation).
Database Password The password for the specified user.
Database Name The name of the database, created for this phpWebSite installation.
Table Prefix The prefix to append to all tables created by phpWebSite.
Leave blank if you don't require table prefixing.
Web Address http:// The URL to use to access your phpWebSite site.
File Address The location of your phpWebSite source files on the server.
Hub Hash The hash to use to uniquely identify this phpWebSite installation.
Refresh this screen to create another or enter one of your own.
Install Password The password to use when installing or updating this phpWebSite installation.
Set this to anything other than default, and do not share it with anyone.