Renaud Toussaint
PostDoctoral Fellow, UiO, Dept of Physics, group " Complex Systems and Soft Materials".

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Professional research experience:

2003- : Associate PostDoctoral Research Fellow, Advanced Materials and Complex Systems Group, University of Oslo.
2002-03: Research fellow (PostDoc) at the Complex Materials group, Dept of Physics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim. 

2001-02: Research fellow (PostDoc, EU TMR network) at the Cooperative Phenomena Group, Condensed Matter Group, Department of Physics, University of Oslo. Theoretical and simulation work on fracture, hydrofracture, and colloidal systems in collaboration with the groups Complex and compaction dynamics of viscoelastic grains with the group Physics of Geological Processes

1997-01: PhD thesis (highest distinction) at the Geosciences Rennes laboratory, University of Rennes I, under supervision of Pr. S. Pride, on statistical physics applied to rock fracture, damage localization transition as a critical phenomenon.

1994-95: DEA of geophysics (Master) at the Geomagnetism Department, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, on physico-chemical processes at electrolyte/oxyde interfaces in rocks.

1993-94: DEA of theoretical physics (Master) at the Research Dept on Controlled Fusion, C.E.A. Cadarache, on noncollisional thermalization between electrons and protons in plasmas.

1992-93: 3-months Maitrise trainee at the ENS Lyon Astrophysics laboratory, on a numerical study of the phase diagram of Helium in Brown Dwarves.

1991-92: 2-month Licence (batchelor) trainee at the L.A.P.P. and C.E.R.N. on numerical analysis of particle physics experimental data.


Academic Background:

2001: PhD thesis in geosciences, highest distinction, University of Rennes I

1995: DEA (Master's degree) of geophysics (2nd/30) at the I.P.G.P., University of Paris VI.

1994: DEA (Master's degree) of theoretical physics, field theory at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon.

1990-94: Undergraduate studies at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon: Magistere (Master) of Material Science, Agregation in Mathematics / analytical mechanics (highest recruiting concourse for secondary level teachers in the french national system), Batchelor in mathematics. 


Professional Teaching Experience:

2000-01: Teaching and Research assistant (A.T.E.R.) in geophysics, University of Rennes I. courses in Statistical Physics, Batchelor level, and oceanophysics, undergraduate level.

1997-00: Teaching Assistant (moniteur) in geophysics, University of Rennes I. Courses on Partial differential equations for geophysicists, batchelor, oceanophysics, undergraduate.

1995-97: Secondary Level Mathematics teacher at the french school of Sofia, Bulgary - civilian form of the compulsory national service (C.S.N.)

1991-94: Civil Servant at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon. Weekly examinator in various undergraduate level classes, secondary-level courses taught in social help centers.


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