Model Evaluation in Macroeconomics

6 and 7 May 2005

University of Oslo, Blindern


Speaker Paper  
Bent Nielsen Money Demand in the Yuogoslavian Hyperinflation 1991-1994  Presentation
Carlo  Favero Large Datasets, Small Models and Monetary Policy in Europe
Katarina Juselius Extracting Information from the Data. A Popperian View of Empirical Macro
Frank Smets On the Fit and Forecasting Performance of  New Generation New-Keynesian Models  Presentations
Håvard Hugnes A Demand System for Input Factors when there are Technological Changes in Production  Presentation
Halvor Mehlum
On the Trigonometry of the  Instrumental Variable Estimator
Søren Johansen What is the Price of Maximum Likelihood?
Jesper Linde Forecasting Performance of  an Estimated  Open Economy DSGE Model for the Euro Area Presentation
James Reade Model Averaging Presentation
Luca Sala Learning about the parameters and the dynamics of DSGE models. Identification and Estimation Issues Presentation
Øyvind Eitrheim Real Time Data for Norway: Challenges for Monetary Policy Presentation
Kjetil Olsen How Do  Central Banks Evaluate their Models? The Case of NEMO. Presentation
Hilde Bjørnland Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Interactions in the Open Economy Presentation
Ragnar Nymoen Assessing Structure in Monetary Policy Models Presentation
David F. Hendry Model Selection for 'Intractable' Problems Presentation
David F. Hendry Comments and discussion of conference themes Presentation