Department of Economics Økonomisk institutt

Ragnar Nymoen


Dataproject: An update of Nordic wage- and macro data.

Specific papers

Model Selection for Monetary Policy Analysis---How Important is Empirical Validity?

Q. Farooq Akram and Ragnar Nymoen

Link to pdf file. 11 December 2007

Zip-file with dataset and batch file for estimation

Explaining Unemployment: Some Lessons From Nordic Wage Formation

Ragnar Nymoen and Asbjørn Rødseth

Labor Economics, 10 (2003), 1-29.

Link to pdf file: (March 10, 2002 version)

Zip-file with dataset and batch file for estimation.

Measuring Structural Unemployment: NAWRU Estimates in the Nordic Countries

Steinar Holden and Ragnar Nymoen

Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 104 (2002), 87-104.

zip-file with data

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