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Figures from the Global Carbon Budget 2016

This page has been superseded by the 2017 release.

This web page is only a repository for the figures presented in the Global Carbon Budget 2016. For details and explanations, please refer to the Global Carbon Project's website. Full scientific documentation is available in Le Quéré et al. 2016.

These figures appear in the Global Carbon Project's 2016 release. For additional details, and explanations of all figures, please view the full presentation available here. Zip files containing all these figures are available here. Visualise these data using the Global Carbon Atlas, where you can download longer timeseries for all countries.

These figures and data are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You may freely copy and modify these figures, and use them in commercial works, as long as you give credit as indicated for each figure. For details, visit the Creative Commons website.

To download figures or data, use the Download menu to the upper right of each figure. The precision provided in the data files is not indicative of certainty. For example, the data file says that global emissions in 2015 were 36.261531 GtCO2, but this should be quoted as 36.3 GtCO2. CSV data files have been prepared for many but not all figures on this page.

Slide 06
Anthropogenic perturbation of global carbon cycle
Slide 08
Global fossil fuel and cement emissions
Slide 09
Emissions in context of future scenarios
Slide 10
Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs)
Slide 11
Emissions of the top four emitters
Slide 12
Per-capita emissions of the top four emitters
Slide 13
Emissions intensity of the top four emitters
Slide 14
Comparing perspectives on emissions
Slide 15
Global emissions from coal, oil, gas and cement
Slide 16
Global energy consumption by energy type
Slide 17
Contributions to change: sources
Slide 18
Contributions to change: countries
Slide 19
Emissions by country
Slide 20
Share of emissions by country
Slide 21
Share of emissions by continent
Slide 22
Global emissions and intensity of the economy
Slide 23
Emissions intensity and GDP by country
Slide 24
Emissions per capita and population by country
Slide 27
Consumption-based emissions for the top four
Slide 28
Consumption-based emissions for Annex B
Slide 29
Flows from production to consumption
Slide 30
Flows from extraction to consumption
Slide 32
Global land-use change emissions
Slide 33
Global LUC, fossil fuel and cement emissions
Slide 34
Global emissions by source
Slide 35
Share of global emissions by source
Slide 38
Global carbon budget
Slide 39
Global carbon budget
Slide 40
Partitioning of global emissions
Slide 41
Growth rate of atmospheric CO2
Slide 42
Ocean carbon sink
Slide 43
Terrestrial carbon sink
Slide 44
Remaining uncertainty in global carbon balance
Slide 45
Changes to atmospheric CO2 since 1870
Slide 46
Atmospheric CO2 concentration
Slide 47
Atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa

See also animated version here

Slide 49
Remaining CO2 quota for 2°C
Slide 51
Reaching the 2°C and 3°C quotas
Slide 52a
US emissions pledge in context of 2°C
Slide 52b
EU emissions pledge in context of 2°C
Slide 52c
India's emissions pledge in context of 2°C
Slide 52d
China's emissions pledge in context of 2°C
Slide 53
Emission pledges in context of 2°C

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