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New Zealandís Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1861–2012

This chart shows estimated agricultural and energy-related emissions of greenhouse gases in New Zealand from 1861 to 2012. Other emissions categories not included in this chart (Industrial Processes, Solvents, and Waste) are small in New Zealand, averaging 6 MtCO2 per year and growing slowly. In addition, land-use change (LULUCF) sequestrations were large over the period 1990–2010, averaging 25 MtCO2 per year, but LULUCF sequestration is a function of planting and harvesting, and was a net source of emissions in the 1970s (Steve Wakelin, pers. comm.). There are as yet no available data on net sequestration from LULUCF over the historical period, and clearance of native forests for establishment of agriculture was substantial following European settlement.

Livestock data before 1950 do not distinguish between dairy and beef cattle. A legend will be added soon. In the meantime, from bottom to top: Sheep, Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Other Agriculture, Coal, Gas, Liquid Petroleum, Fugitive emissions.

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Last updated 21 February 2013.
These data were published more recently in a book chapter.

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