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Evaluation of three bioenergy options for New Zealand using LCA

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) were undertaken for three alternative energy sources. Two of these involved converting waste streams (reject kiwifruit and excess straw) to energy. The third alternative was the growing of canola specifically to produce biodiesel. Impact categories included: the total energy ratio (energy returned on energy invested, EROEI); the imported energy component; the renewable energy required; greenhouse gas emissions; and production costs. Scenarios were analysed to determine the sensitivity of results to likely changes in the systems. Associated environmental impacts were noted but not measured. The functional unit for the comparison was 1 GJ of delivered energy.

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Assessing the impact of ‘low-impact’ stormwater treatment

There are several more environmentally friendly alternatives proposed to the traditional concrete-pipe approaches to dealing with urban stormwater. In this study, Robbie Andrew and Eva Vesely conduct a life-cycle analysis of the energy and carbon emissions associated with a raingarden, and compare these to a conventional, pipe-based approach. Learn more »

Approximating MRIO

Because of the cost and perceived difficulty of using full multi-regional input–output (MRIO) models to calculate emissions embodied in international trade, many researchers use simpler approaches, making key assumptions and approximations. In this study, Robbie Andrew and colleagues investigate the effects of these approximations and provide advice on their use. Learn more »

Sharing responsibility

The two prevalent approaches to allocating responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions – production and consumption perspectives – push responsibility to either end of the supply chain. In this study, Robbie Andrew and Vicky Forgie present the first national-level application of the shared responsibility perspective. Learn more »

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