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Multi-scale landform characterization


One fundamental objective in geomorphometry is to extract signatures of geomorphologic processes on different spatial scales from digital terrain models (DTMs) and to describe the complexity of landforms as the synthesis of those individual imprints. We present an approach for characterizing land surfaces on multiple, spatially varying local scales. We approximate terrain surfaces locally to calculate surface derivatives at different window sizes. Local scale behaviour diagrams are used to define dominant scale ranges and multiple curvatures for each surface point. Multi-scale landform analysis leads to improved models of surface derivatives and new landform classifications, applicable in geomorphology, soil science and hydrology.

Modelling catchment hydrology

How does changing land use affect the hydrology of a catchment? In this work, Robbie Andrew and John Dymond construct a reduced-complexity mechanistic model and apply it at high spatial resolution to investigate the consequences of changing patterns of forest and agriculture. Learn more »

Modelling nitrous oxide emissions from soils

Emissions of nitrous oxide from soil are notoriously difficult to measure and model because they depend on soil characteristics that are highly variable in both time and space. In this work, Surinder Saggar, Robbie Andrew and colleagues present work aimed at reducing these uncertainties. Learn more »

Sharing responsibility

The two prevalent approaches to allocating responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions – production and consumption perspectives – push responsibility to either end of the supply chain. In this study, Robbie Andrew and Vicky Forgie present the first national-level application of the shared responsibility perspective. Learn more »

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