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Expansion of lifestyle blocks and urban areas onto high-class land: an update for planning and policy


New Zealand's economy remains highly dependent on agricultural production. There are 175,000 lifestyle blocks in New Zealand covering 873,000 ha, and these, along with urbanisation, potentially constrain future land productivity. Using GIS analysis to bring together data on land cover, land use, and lifestyle blocks, we find lifestyle blocks occupy 10% of New Zealand's high-class land, while urbanisation since 1990 occupies 0.5%. An average of 5800 new lifestyle blocks have been added every year since 1998. With one-sixth of all lifestyle blocks occupying high-class land, and an additional area affected by proximity factors such as 'reverse sensitivity' and the 'impermanence syndrome', both national monitoring of land fragmentation and policy interventions are urgently required.

A synthesis of carbon in international trade

In this comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the analysis of carbon embodied in international trade, Glen Peters and colleagues bring together treatments of some of the key issues, and introduce important new analyses. Learn more »

Approximating MRIO

Because of the cost and perceived difficulty of using full multi-regional input–output (MRIO) models to calculate emissions embodied in international trade, many researchers use simpler approaches, making key assumptions and approximations. In this study, Robbie Andrew and colleagues investigate the effects of these approximations and provide advice on their use. Learn more »

Sharing responsibility

The two prevalent approaches to allocating responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions – production and consumption perspectives – push responsibility to either end of the supply chain. In this study, Robbie Andrew and Vicky Forgie present the first national-level application of the shared responsibility perspective. Learn more »

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