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Reaching peak emissions


Rapid growth in global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry ceased in the past two years, despite continued economic growth. Decreased coal use in China was largely responsible, coupled with slower global growth in petroleum and faster growth in renewables.

Global Carbon Budget 2016

The Global Carbon Project has released its 2016 edition of the world’s carbon budget, including historical emissions by country back to 1751. This multidisciplinary and international effort provides a set of consistent supporting data for further analysis.Learn more »

Global Carbon Budget Figures

Every year the Global Carbon Project publishes a number of figures demonstrating the latest global carbon budget, and these are freely available for use in a number of formats.Learn more »

Limits to negative emissions

To keep global warming below 2°C, many models make extensive use of so-called Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs), which remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Pete Smith and colleagues quantify the limits to such technologies, including the requirements for land, water, nutrients, and energy. Reliance on these technologies to allow us to emit more comes with substantial risks.Learn more »

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