Topological Algebraic Geometry Workshop
Oslo, September 4th-8th, 2006

The Strategic University Program in Pure Mathematics (Suprema) at the Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo, invites to a Workshop on Derived Algebraic Geometry, from Monday September 4th to Friday September 8th, 2006. The lectures will take place in seminar room B 1036, on the 10th floor of the N. H. Abel building.

(Also known as the Derived Algebraic Geometry Workshop. "Topological", as suggested by Haynes Miller, is in line with "topological Hochschild (co-)homology" and "topological André-Quillen (co-)homology", indicating the use of the sphere spectrum as the base ring. Other names are "brave new algebraic geometry", "homotopical algebraic geometry" and "spectral algebraic geometry".)

This will be the conclusion of a Masterclass by Jacob Lurie, on Derived Algebraic Geometry and Elliptic Cohomology. The theme of the workshop will be more broadly defined, including the point of view on structured ring spectra as rings of functions on new geometries.

Speakers and titles:

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  Mon. Sept. 4th Tue. Sept. 5th Wed. Sept. 6th Thur. Sept. 7th Fri. Sept. 8th
09:15 - 10:15 - Gepner Spitzweck Barwick Strickland
10:45 - 11:45 Lurie Lurie Lurie Lurie Lurie
14:15 - 15:15 Lazarev Markert Ravenel Richter -
ca. 15:30 (coffee) (coffee) (coffee) (coffee) -
15:45 - 16:45 Naumann Hornbostel Laures Baker -

Participants: Nils A. Baas (Trondheim), Haakon Schad Bergsaker (Oslo), Bjørn I. Dundas (Bergen), Thomas Gregersen (Oslo), Idar Hansen (Trondheim), Kathryn Hess (EPFL), Bjørn Jahren (Oslo), Michael Joachim (Münster), Finn Faye Knudsen (Trondheim), Johannes Kuhr (Bochum), Haynes Miller (MIT), Justin Noel (Chicago), Paul Arne Østvær (Oslo), Kristian Ranestad (Oslo), John Rognes (Oslo), Constanze Roitzheim (Bonn), Fridolin Roth (Hamburg), Steffen Sagave (Bonn/Oslo), Christian Schlichtkrull (Bergen), Johann Sigurdsson (Sheffield), Arne B. Sletsjøe (Oslo) and Samuel Wüthrich (Sheffield).

The standard accomodation is at:

To get there from Oslo airport (OSL, Gardermoen) you may To get from the hotel to the Mathematics department, in N.H. Abels hus at Moltke Moes vei 35, 0316 Oslo, phone (+47) 22 85 58 86/88, you may Try the search at to get a detailed map.

John Rognes, August 31st 2006