Nordfjordeid 2001

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This is the program for the algebraic topology section of the NORDTOP 2001 topology meeting taking place at Nordfjordeid, a town located on the west coast of Norway between Bergen and Trondheim. It is the birthplace of Sophus Lie, and the site of a local college. The conference will take place at this college.

Workshop Topics

The algebraic topology section of the meeting is intended as a workshop, with talks on the algebraic topology surrounding algebraic K-theory, topological Hochschild homology and topological cyclic homology, including its interactions with (high-dimensional) geometric topology and (arithmetic) algebraic geometry.

Algebraic topology programme

Tuesday, August 7th

Thursday, August 9th


Travel to Norway

Arrival dates

Presumably it is easiest for participants from abroad to reach Norway by plane travel to Oslo international airport (code OSL) at Gardermoen.

We recommend coming by plane to Oslo on Thursday August 2nd, or earlier in that week. Visitors arriving earlier are welcome to visit the Mathematics department at the University of Oslo.

Participants arriving to Oslo on Thursday August 2nd or earlier are asked to contact the local organizers (Bjørn Jahren, John Rognes) when they know the arrival date, and we can make hotel reservations e.g. at Hotel Gyldenløve near the university.

Getting to Hotel Gyldenløve

From Gardermoen to Oslo central station (Oslo S) you can take the Airport express train. Turn right once you exit customs (by an opaque sliding door), and continue to the end of the terminal building, where you will find ticket counters and escalators/lifts for descending to the train platform. The trains take 21 or 24 minutes to Oslo S. (Half the trains stop at Lillestrøm along the way.) Full price is NOK 130, but if you have an economy ticket for your flight, you pay half price for the train too, until August 12th.

If you are being met at the Airport express train ticket counter at Oslo central station, it is just inside a revolving glass door near tracks 13 and 14, on the ground floor of the train station.

If you are continuing to Hotel Gyldeløve on your own, ascend one floor up to the main hall of the train station, turn right, and head for the metro (T-bane) station Jernbanetorget. It is about 500 m away, and you should stay indoors to get there.

Go to the right hand platform, and take any train (numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) to the metro station Majorstuen. These mostly head towards Frognerseteren, Østerås, Kolsås, Blindern or Sognsvann. Your Airport express train ticket is also valid on the metro, for one ride.

Exit the metro at Majorstuen, turn right (back), and leave the metro station through or around a yellow plaster building to get to a busy intersection with traffic lights. Continue straight across (with a Seven-Eleven on your right hand side, a Burger King on your left !) to join with Bogstadveien within 500 m. Continue a bit uphill, and then a bit downhill, until you find Hotel Gyldenløve at Bogstadveien 20, on your right hand side. Call them at (47) 22 60 10 90 for help.

Departure to Jotunheimen

Departure from Oslo to Jotunheimen is planned with a bus from the Oslo bus terminal at 09.05 Friday August 3rd, which does not pass by the airport, so transatlantic participants wishing to arrive early Friday morning must probably land on Gardermoen before 07.00 that morning to be sure to get to the bus terminal in time. Please contact the local organizers if you are planning such a tight schedule.

Travel to Jotunheimen on Friday August 3rd

Jotunheimen is a mountain region in central Norway, containing the highest peaks (Galdhøpiggen 2469m, Glittertind 2452m plus 20m snow) in the country and most of the 196 other peaks over 2000m. The tree limit is around 1000m, about 1000m lower than in the Swiss Alps, since Norway is of course further north.

The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association (Turistforeningen) operates some of the mountain huts in Jotuheimen and elsewhere. Membership in Turistforeningen costs NOK 365 for adults born between 1935 and 1975. Youths and seniors get a rebate. We recommend that participants become members, as this will give lower prices on bus travel to Jotunheimen and for food and lodging in Jotunheimen. Members also have some priority when the huts are getting full, although the managers of the mountain huts certainly are always aiming to get everyone under a roof.

The local organizers would prefer to arrange memberships before arrival, to avoid much paperwork Friday morning. If you are not a member in 2001 and wish to join, please let us know.

The plan is to get to Gjendesheim, which is one of the more easily accessible huts, on Friday August 3rd. The organized trip is by bus from Oslo bus terminal with Valdresekspressen via Fagernes to Gjendesheim.

We meet in the departure hall of Oslo bus terminal at 08.45 Friday August 3rd, in time to catch the bus leaving at 09.05, arriving at Gjendesheim at 14.30.

We can then leave some luggage at Gjendesheim, like hardcover math books, returning to pick it up again Sunday evening or Monday morning before departure from Jotunheimen. The plan is then to take a boat at 16.00 from the eastern end to the western end of the Gjende lake, to arrive at 17.10 at Gjendebu, which is one of the nicest huts in one of the local organizers' opinion. The boat schedule on Gjende is now available.

We have dinner and stay overnight at Gjendebu. There may be time for a local walk before bedtime. August is well after mid-summer, but it still stays light much of the night in Norway at that time.

People arriving from Trondheim or elsewhere can get to Gjendesheim by car or bus. Please let the local organizers' know, so that we can fix a time and place to meet at Gjendesheim, or a later time at Gjendebu, to be sure everyone has arrived.

The local organizers expect to bring cellular phones so as to be accessible in case something does not go as planned this day.

Bukkelægret on Saturday August 4th and Besseggen on Sunday August 5th

The plan for Saturday August 4th is to go up a steep mountainside called Bukkelægret on the northwestern side of Gjende, continuing on a high plateau (Memurutunga) with wide views, and to descend to a private lodge called Memurubu in the middle of the northern side of Gjende. This is a 6 hour hike, meaning 6 hours of walking plus breaks. The altitide difference is about 700m up and 700m down. We stay overnight at Memurubu.

The plan for Sunday August 5th is to climb from Memurubu to the saddle point between the Gjende and Bessvatn, to ascent the sharp edge called Besseggen to the top of Veslefjell, and then to descent to the hut Gjendesheim, where we recover some luggage. This is the most popular hike in Jotunheimen, with a characteristic view down Besseggen. This is a 6 hour hike, meaning 6 hours of walking plus breaks. The altitide difference is about 700m up and 700m down. We stay overnight at Gjendesheim.

Two or more ambitious mountaineers might instead climb Store Knutsholstind (2341m) as a round trip from Gjendebu, one of these two days, catching up with the group by boat. This is a heavy 10 hour hike, meaning 10 hours of walking plus breaks (from memory). The altitude difference is about 1400m up and 1400m down

For the most part, these hikes are above the tree limit, in often very rocky terrain. The routes are steep in several places, but never dangerous. Most hikers prefer sturdy hiking boots, with a rigid sole and good support for the ankle. It is necessary to bring windproof clothes, as well as waterproof and warm clothes in case of rain or lower temperatures. Also hikers need a sheet sleeping bag (liner-bag) for the overnight stays, to cover the mattress and comforter provided at the hut. These can be rented at each cabin at NOK 40 per night, or you can bring your own. Thus one needs a backpack, and should expect to carry up to 10 kg or 20 lbs of equipment both days.

Turistforeningen suggests the following list of things to bring along. We reproduce it here for convenience:

Check list summer

What to bring in the summer time.



Good boots of rubber or leather



Undershirts (vest)

Good quality trousers

Underpants (drawers)

Anorak (windbreaker)

Sports shirt



In your rucksack and pockets:

Money and keys (credit card)

Thermos (vacuum flask)

Membership card of DNT


Food and chocolate


Good quality waterproof or windsweater, including cap or hood


Warm sweater

First-aid kit

Extra trousers

Insect repellent

Indoor shoes or moccasins

Toilet articles

Extra pair of socks

Sheet sleeping bag

Long underwear, preferably wool, or track suit

Sunglasses, sun tanning cream

Extra shirt


Mitts or gloves

Note-book and pencil


Rain (shell) jacket

Electric torch (with working battery)

Rain (shell) trousers

The local organizers believe that for only two days of hiking, this list is a little excessive. The list of clothes to bring is appropriate, except that the two planned hikes are almost entirely in rocky, dry terrain, so it is not crucial that the boots are of water-proof rubber or leather. They shold have a strong sole, though. Since we are going as a group, not everyone will need a torch, matches, maps, compass, first-aid kit etc. If you do not already have a sheet sleeping bag, it probably makes sense just to rent one at each cabin (at 40 NOK). Dubbin is for keeping the feet soft.

Lom, Strynefjellet, Geiranger, Nordfjordeid on Monday August 6th

A chartered bus (white, with blue stripes ?) from Nordfjord og Sunnmøre Billag leaves Gjendesheim at 10.00, going north to Lom, where we view the medieval stave church (Lom stavkirke) and have lunch at Fossheim hotell at 12.00. (Run by master chef Arne Brimi and host Svein Garmo, cost NOK 160 - 200 plus drinks, phone 61219500). The bus continues over Dalsnibba (very scenic viewpoint) down to Geiranger. Here we take the 15.45 ferryboat on the Geiranger fjord, past The seven sisters (De syv søstre) and Bridal veil (Brudesløret) waterfalls, to land at Hellesylt. An hours bus ride remains to Nordfjordeid, where we arrive around 18.00. Dinner is served sometime between 18.00 and 20.00.

Topology conference Tuesday August 7th to Thursday August 9th

For the full lecture program, and the Wednesday August 8th afternoon excursion to the Briksdal glacier (Briksdalsbreen), please see the NORDTOP 2001 conference home page. Please propose titles and abstracts for talks by way of the Topology Atlas, as explained on that conference home page. Alternatively you can send such proposals to the local organizers.

Return from Nordfjordeid on Friday August 10th

Take Nordfjordekspressen leaving 08.45 from Nordfjordeid, past Stryn, Otta and Lillehammer to Oslo international airport at 17.25, to Oslo Bus Terminal at 18.00.

Travel from Norway

The bus from Nordfjordeid goes by Oslo airport at 17.25 on Friday August 10th. Hence it is in principle possible to take a flight leaving after 19.00 that evening. Otherwise participants can stay overnight in Oslo one or more days. The local organizers can again make hotel reservations at Hotel Gyldenløve.


Prices are in Norwegian kroner (NOK). The Bank of Norway has exchange rates. On June 6th, 1 USD was 9.33 NOK, 1 EUR was 7.98 NOK, 1 DEM was 4.07 NOK, 1 CHF was 5.25 NOK and 1 GBP was 13.09 NOK.

Travel to and from Norway

For travel costs to and from Norway, please contact a travel agent or check the web. Round trip tickets within Europe are often around 3000 NOK.

The NORDTOP 2001 conference

There is a 600 NOK registration fee for NORDTOP 2001, including the Briksdal glacier excursion. A single room and full board at the Nordfjordeid college is 350 NOK per day, multiplied by four for Monday - Friday. This adds to 2000 NOK. See the NORDTOP home page for full details.

The additional program

Single rooms at Hotel Gyldenløve are about 550 NOK per night when ordered through the Mathematics department in Oslo.

The bus Oslo - Gjendesheim is 200 NOK for Turistforening members. The bus Nordfjordeid - Oslo is about 500 NOK for groups of 2 or more.

Prices for lodging and meals at the Turistforening huts are listed here. One day of lodging in a 4-6 bed room (130 NOK), with breakfast (70 NOK), 4 sandwiches (40 NOK), one thermos with coffee or tea (20 NOK) and a 3 course dinner with coffee (155 NOK) adds up to 415 NOK for members. Multiply this by three for Friday - Monday.

The topology group in Oslo expects to be able the pay for chartering a bus from Gjendesheim via Geiranger to Nordfjordeid.

The expected total cost of the additional mountain hiking and fjord programme, with two nights stay at Gyldenløve, buses both ways, membership, lodging and meals is thus about 3410 NOK.


To participate, you should both:

  1. Register for the NORDTOP 2001 conference using the NORDTOP 2001 registration form, and
  2. Register for the rest of the program using the Jotunheimen and Geiranger registration form.

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John Rognes / August 13th 2001