The Arithmetic of Structured Ring Spectra

Conference at the Barony Rosendal, Norway, August 19th-28th 2005

The Research Council of Norway funds a YFF research program on Brave New Rings in the period 2005 - 2009. In this framework, there will be a Conference on the Arithmetic of Structured Ring Spectra at the 17th century Barony Rosendal in the Hardangerfjord region of western Norway, with boat transport from Bergen airport (departure at 16:00) on Friday August 19th, and lectures from Saturday August 20th through Wednesday August 24th 2005.

One aim of the conference is to focus on the interplay between the external extensions and symmetries of structured ring spectra, and the internal arithmetic invariants, such as their algebraic K-theory. The situation is analogous to that of covering space theory, where for spaces with reasonable local topology the classification of covering spaces and deck transformations is done by the fundamental group, defined in terms of closed paths in the space. Kummer- and class field theory for local and global number fields provides a closer analogy.

Registered participants: Vigleik Angeltveit (MIT), Christian Ausoni (Bonn), Andy Baker (Glasgow), Maria Basterra (New Hampshire), Andrew Blumberg (Chicago), Morten Brun (Bergen), Bob Bruner (Wayne State), Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford), Daniel G. Davis (Purdue), Ethan Devinatz (Washington), Bjørn Dundas (Bergen), Halvard Fausk (Oslo), Imma Gálvez (London), John Greenlees (Sheffield), Kathryn Hess (Lausanne), Mark Hovey (Wesleyan), Bjørn Jahren (Oslo), Sverre Lunøe-Nielsen (Oslo), Jacob Lurie (Harvard), Mike Mandell* (Cambridge), Peter May (Chicago), Haynes Miller (MIT), Jack Morava (Johns Hopkins), Holger Reich (Münster), Philipp M. Reinhard (Glasgow), Birgit Richter (Hamburg), John Rognes (Oslo), Christian Schlichtkrull (Bergen), Stefan Schwede (Bonn), Brooke Shipley (Chicago), Johann Sigurdsson (Sheffield), Neil Strickland (Sheffield), Bertrand Toën (Tolouse), Gabriele Vezzosi (Florence), Sarah Whitehouse (Sheffield) and Samuel Wuethrich (Sheffield). (* = Could not come.)

The conference will be followed by a three-day hiking program up to, across, and down from the Folgefonna glacier near Rosendal, from Thursday August 25th to Saturday August 27th. This involves a 1500 meter ascent the first day. Boat transport back to Bergen airport (arrival by 10:15) will be available on Sunday August 28th, and on Thursday August 25th. Here is a map of Hordaland, including Bergen, Rosendal and Folgefonna (the white part).

Registered hikers: Christian Ausoni, Andy Baker, Andrew Blumberg, Bob Bruner, Bjørn Dundas, Halvard Fausk, John Greenlees, Kathryn Hess, Bjørn Jahren, Sverre Lunøe-Nielsen*, Jack Morava*, Ellen L. Contini-Morava*, Philipp M Reinhard, Birgit Richter, John Rognes, Stefan Schwede, Neil Strickland, Sarah Whitehouse and Samuel Wuethrich.

The conference may be considered as a follow-up to the NORDTOP 2001 in Nordfjordeid, August 2001, the Workshop on Structured Ring Spectra and Their Applications in Glasgow, January 2002, and the Workshop on Structured Ring Spectra in Bonn, September 2004.


Friday August 19th

Individual travel to Bergen airport (BGO, Flesland). Some airline links: SAS Braathens (SK), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM), Lufthansa (LH), Norwegian (DY) and Wideroe (WF).

All participants are requested to meet at 16:00 (local time, sharp) on Friday August 19th, in the entrance hall at BGO. We meet with Kjartan Pettersen of Rosendal Turist Service at the information desk where international arrivals exit from customs.

In case of significant delay, please call Bjørn Dundas at (+47) 976 22 576, Bjørn Jahren at (+47) 4730 2731 after 14:35, or Christian Schlichtkrull at (+47) 4141 5313. Kjartan Pettersen can be reached at (+47) 9006 1680.

Hired bus to Hjellestad Marina. Hired boat (MS Fjord Express, 1 hour and 45 minutes) out Korsfjorden, across Bjørnafjorden, through Lukksundet and over Hardangerfjorden (the "Queen of the Norwegian Fjords") to Rosendal in Kvinnherad. Hired bus or 10 minute walk to the Barony. Dinner in Storakjøkkenet at 19:00.

Lodging at Rosendal Avlsgård

Lodging will be in 16 double and 7 single rooms at Barony Rosendal Avlsgård & Fruehus from 1850, plus some single rooms at Rosendal Fjordhotel. Most rooms at Avlsgården have washing facilities, while bathrooms are in the hallways. The Fjordhotel is a modern hotel of high standard.

Meals (breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, 3 course dinner) will be served in the traditional Storakjøkenet at Avlsgården, from dinner after arrival on Friday August 19th through breakfast on Thursday August 25th, as well as from dinner on Saturday August 27th to breakfast on Sunday August 28th before departure. On Sunday August 21st there will be a festive dinner in the Blue Room of the 17th century castle. In the afternoon of Monday August 22nd there will be a scenic excursion to Maurangerfjorden and Bondhusdalen, including an easy walk.

Conference program (Rosendal)

Lectures will be in the main seminar room at Avlsgården, which seats about 40 people and contains two free-standing whiteboards, and overhead projector and a broadband connection.

Here is the conference schedule, last updated August 12th.

Here is the list of lecture titles and abstracts, last updated August 12th.

Saturday August 20th

Talks by J. Peter May, Jacob Lurie, Bertand Toën, Maria Basterra and Birgit Richter.

Sunday August 21st

Talks by Christian Ausoni, Andrew Blumberg, Jack Morava, Bob Bruner and Sverre Lunøe-Nielsen. Castle tour and festive dinner.

Monday August 22nd

Talks by Neil Strickland, Imma Galvez and Mark Hovey. Afternoon excursion.

Tuesday August 23rd

Talks by Christian Schlichtkrull, Sarah Whitehouse, Bjørn Dundas, Vigleik Angeltveit and Samuel Wuethrich.

Wednesday August 24th

Talks by Ethan Devinatz, Daniel Davis, Halvard Fausk, John Greenlees and Gunnar Carlsson.

Hiking program (Folgefonna)

The conference concludes with a three-day hike up from Maurangerfjorden to the west side of the 213 sq. km. Folgefonna glacier, across the glacier and down from the east side to Sørfjorden, with two experienced guides from Folgefonni breførarlag across the glacier, and some reserved beds at two self-service, provisioned mountain cabins. Here is a small and a bigger map of the area and many more pictures. The hike will be conducted by Rosendal Turist Service. Here is their practical information for the mountains. Here is the web page for The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association (DNT), and their pages for the Folgefonna glacier.

All hike participants should have a valid travel insurance. In addition, Rosendal Turist Service has insurance for the participants in its activities, including the glacier crossing.

Participants should carry a sufficiently large backpack, and wear windproof and waterresistant trousers, a windproof and waterresistant jacket, warm underwear, a windproof winter hat/cap, gloves or mittens, mountain boots/sturdy hiking shoes, warm socks, sunglasses and sunscreen. You should also bring a thick wool sweater, a scarf, change of wool underwear, a light T-shirt, change of socks, and a sheet sleeping bag. Furthermore, you will need a lunch pack, a thermos for hot drinks, toiletries, a towel, light indoor shoes and perhaps some cash, some matches, a torch and some toilet paper. The sheet sleeping bag (two sheets sewn together into a bag, weight 500 g or 1 lb) is to be used to cover the blankets or duvets that are available at the cabins, and can be purchased before departure.

There is canned/preserved food available at the cabins, but food and drink for the hikes, and fresh food, must be carried along. The plan is to purchase this in Rosendal town. The math books you can do without, and excess luggage, can be stored at Rosendal.

Thursday August 25th

Breakfast at Barony Rosendal. Bus to Sunndal in Maurangerfjorden. Six hour hike with backpacks climbing "Keiserstien" from sea level to Breidablikk and onwards to Fonnabu, at 1450 m.o.h. The latter is/are two self-service cabins with 27 beds, owned by Bergen Turlag (BT). This is DNT route 660. In clear weather, a view from the Hardangervidda highland plateau in the east to the North Sea in the west can be expected. The region has a highly variable, coastal climate, so most kinds of weather, including rain, can be expected within a couple of days.

Friday August 26th

Two hour (more if the weather is good) guided hike with backpacks traversing the Folgefonna Glacier, with two glacier guides, ropes, crampons, to Holmaskjer on the east side of the glacier, at 1550 m.o.h. This is also a self-service cabin with 20 beds, owned by BT. This is DNT route 661.

Saturday August 27th

Five hour hike with backpacks descending to sea level at Tokheim (Odda) in Sørfjorden. This is DNT route 662. Arrival by 17:00. Bus back to Rosendal. Dinner at 19:00.

Early departure

Thursday August 25th

Breakfast 07:00-08:00. Departure from Avlsgården at 08:00. Bus to Rosendal quay, MS Fjord Express boat to Hjellestad Marina, and bus to Bergen airport. Arrival by 10:15.


Sunday August 28th

Breakfast 07:00-08:00. Departure from Avlsgården at 08:00. Bus to Rosendal quay, MS Fjord Express boat to Hjellestad Marina, and bus to Bergen airport. Arrival by 10:15.


Stefan Schwede (schwede at math dot uni-bonn dot de) has offered to collect pictures from the conference and the hike. Meanwhile, here are:

John Rognes / August 31st 2005